Scrap Challenges (IDEA)

The current challenges system forces players to do things that they don’t want or need to do. Yes this is currently easy enough to do especially for experienced players however this could become a very repetative chore over time.

The IDEA (Jade PG’ idea) is to free players to play however they want. To do this the current ‘challenges’ system would need scraping and in its place would be an experience based system. This would work by allowing players to earn their battle pass points by doing anything they want in the game using the same leveling up exp system that already exists in the game.

EXP is easy to abuse though. There’s tons of ways of earning a crap ton of it in a short amount of time, and that would go against the spirit of a challenge-based progression.

I did just think about players abusing that too. However players would have already purchased the battle pass so from Funcoms point of view they would lose nothing. The system could even be used to help identify any inbalances of experience gains that could be adjusted in future patches therefore reducing Funcom’s workload.

Well, if they want to view it from a financial perspective, then a “premium account” subscription for regularly released content would make the most sense. I mean, that’s pretty much what a battlepass is: A premium subscription with extra steps

I don’t mind the challenge of completing the battle pass, i just think that it could become a repetitive chore especially for pvp’ers as the current system dictates how we should play the game rather than giving us the freedom to just enjoy it.

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