Screaming Phoenix [PC-US-HCPvE]

Welcome all! The Screaming Phoenix (SP) is aiming to be a hardcore PvE server where the will of the exiles to survive is tested. For those who have the will to truly survive a harsh and exiled land please see some of the more important details:

  • PvE only
  • 20 slots
  • Day Cycle Speed 0.5 (double time for all: day/night/dusk/dawn)
  • Harvest Amount Multiplier 0.75
  • Player XP Rate Multiplier 0.75
  • NPC Damage Multiplier 2x

Yes, you’re going to have survive and invest the time to strengthen your mind and body. You also will need to invest the time to build you or your clan’s fortress to survive the purges that are thrown your way. Team up with your clan or others, delve the dungeons of the exiled lands, and lay claim to this harsh and unforgiving realm. The Screaming Phoenix is the server for those with a depraved hunger for grind, survival, but ultimate satisfaction.

Moreover, the Screaming Phoenix is open to any and all suggestions for ways to tweak the enjoyment of the hardcore environment on the server and welcomes all to see if this your cup of tea. SP is live as of this post and open to public!

Screaming Phoenix

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