Screen/light huge flicker while crossing desert/green biomes (maybe problem on my side)



Hi, as I use a few mods (mainly to make SP playable), I am not sure it is a bug, so I wanna ask if others had the same experiances.

When transiting between the area where the Mitra priestess is found near the Den, to the green area (I do it by climbing the cliff), when on top, transiting between the biomes, the whole screen starts flickering grey, if I hold a torch the light goes off…after about a minute it stops and it settles in the dark theme of the green biome (waaay to dark btw).

It seems like something related to light that my graphic card GT960 (i think) can’t handle…

Any idea about it? Has anybody had a similar issue?


It might even be your monitor, but I do think your graphic card might be a possible cause as well. I can’t speak for mods, since I play on PS4 (I would play it on PC too if my laptop wasn’t a potato…), but I do not get this issue, which makes me think it isn’t a software issue at least.


Hmmmm if it was the monitor I would have the same issues in different situations,but my monitor is fine.

Also my card is fine as I never have such issues.


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