Screenshots thread


Old Athen, before it got a makeover.


my favourite bugged moment, when somehow chat got applied to the ground textures.


loool that’s messed up


Old Athen, before it got a makeover.

I never really liked the new improved Happy Green Elfville/Old Athens makeover. It would’ve been more thematic to make it grimier with lots of trash, broken/damaged robots and failing cobblestone streets.


Yeah the old dirty version makes a bit more sense with the AO storyline but eh its ok


Some screenshots of the Arrival hall I took a couple min ago. Old client and new.


Finally someone with a character in the arrival hall! Thank you for providing a new engine screenshot of it!


Saw this guy during the free week…


The Shadowlands starting area in the new engine! If you would like a specific area shown feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Back when Old athen was filled with people on the hill


A wonderful gigant sandworm was once around durring xmas


Screenshots from the last Hollow Reaper raid of Halloween 2018


Cool effects in the new engine during an ARK event


One of the oldest AO screenshots I still have. This one is seriously Old School, as evidenced by-

  • 1024x768 was max rez in those days. THis screen was taken in 800x600, so cave!
  • Note the old school custom GUI still has an in-game clock, bottom right, next to credit balance.
  • Doctor with a Caterwaul, before they were made Agent-only. Ah, to be young again…
  • Doctor wearing the old Servants of Eight, and GPH when they were still new and rare.
  • Commander Kelly Frederickson took a whole team to put her down.
  • Note the 10K Aimed Shot. That was the Damage Cap in those days.
  • Chat chan for my old guild, The Blackhand, and our fearless leader Azazzel.


In-game ad for AntiGuardians, the original name for :blush:
Some of it is still available in the internet archive, like the implant designer with old names for clusters.


Don’t remember the specifics, the screenshot was taken: May 16, 2007


omg I remember that :smiley:


Mar 2007. Broken clothing im assuming? Also a nice shot of the ads we used to have. heh

(Pity we lost the old neut shops.) :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I remember the pink Unicorn guards :laughing:


really long time ago :wink: