Script to fix altars deleted by cleanup script

would it be possible to get a script written to fix each altar that the defective cleanup script deleted? Some people are not comfortable messing with the DB on an established server

The cleanup script was fixed a long while ago, unless this is a new issue.

If are not comfortable with messing with the game.db, just make a backup. I’m guessing you already found this thread, I had to dig around my bookmarks as it’s been a while since I looked at it. But this was the instructions way back when.

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That would assume that we have a backup from 2 years ago that has the altar, which we don’t, and the owner of the server does not wish to modify the DB directly by hisself

OH your saying " JUST " make a backup then "JUST " dick with the db with the security of having a backup. thats more trouble thatn the owner of the server wants to go through to get something he didn’t break fixed.

Or you could take no action and get nothing fixed.

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