Scroll captioning while audio is reading is incomplete - bug?

I am playing single player on the original map. I found a scroll on the beach of the first island in the body of water to the east of Cannibal’s Rest. As the audio read the scroll (after I picked it up) there was captioning of the dialogue on the screen. The captioning was incomplete, but I’m not sure if this was intended or not. I have not found any other scrolls yet to see if this is a universal problem.

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Ah - the Waterlogged Note, unless I’m mistaken? (’…beneat…st most pillar…mammoth skull…smash’ etc right?) I believe that one is deliberately incomplete - the water has ‘washed away’ some of the details - at least, it’s been that way for a long time. It’s clearly a clue to something (probably a chest full of not especially interesting loot :wink: ), but I have never been able to figure out where. Every now and then I give it another go - I’m convinced you get a little bit more info from the audio than just the written version gives, but you only get to hear it once - driving me slowly mad, but one day I shall figure it out :wink:

That is intentional. The scroll is meant to have some of the words washed/faded from the scroll to make it appear incomplete.

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