Scrollbar in Treasury

Can we program a scrollbar in the Treasury please… For the ones playing on a private server and amassing an impressive treasure room at some point the summary doesn’t fit on the screen anymore. Or maybe… Put the total amount on top if making it not possible to scroll the list.

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On the other hand, since the game is capable of calculating how many gold coins you have and not listing each one individually, why not list all of your gilded harps on one line instead of each one on it’s own separate line and then add the total value up for them. I do not think there are so many different types of treasures that you would even need a scroll bar if they just added all the treasure of the same type together on one line.

Gilded Harp (10) Value 90. Total value 900. Something like that.


Even a better idea!

  1. A scrollbar is essential. It’s a basic feature in any listing interface because you never know when the list might grow. Or at least a pagination.
  2. Grouping is also necessary.

This is just another lack of attention to detail resulting from rushing to release this new chapter. The problem is, it keeps piling up. In Chapter 2, they won’t even have had enough time to properly fix Chapter 1, and they’ll throw a new purge at us. G-Portal should, for the first time ever, make server backups before the launch of chapter 2.

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Same problem. I have too much treasure that there is no room to fit it all in the window. There needs to be a scroll or some other system to see what you have and the total.


This. How could the devs not have foreseen this as an issue?

Also, my treasure room is looking a little redundant. How about some more plaeable treasure types?

And while I’m on it. The golden plates need to be mountable on walls as well… and how about some of these new treasures be wall-mountable too?

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