Seamless building blocks

I love the building system in this game. But I don’t like you can see all of the joints where the blocks join each other. The roof sections are a prime example. I think if the edges of the roof sections were square and not tapered they would tile better.
I also think that the other sections would tile better if we could have the option of building blocks without the band of spikes. I see HUGE player built structures that look really good but the band of spikes in every block does not look right to me.
Can we also get some simple 1meterX1meter building blocks like squares, wedges, and columns?

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id like to add to this… can we not get the ghost glow item when we are tying to match a piece to a spot. Like I cannot tell if this is the right piece for this spot… place and wtf its not the right one and proceed to dismantle and rebuild a different one.

Id rather see them let us use a non glow one that show the real thing ><

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or like a different color like deep purple or something. A color that is actually visible when building something above you at noon…

I noticed that with a lot of the tier 1 building sandstone blocks and walls that you can literally see holes in the wall despite putting walls next to each other. This irks me quite a bit seeing as their supposed to look flush.