Search by Gear Slot

Is it possible to change the Search Options on the Armorer to search by gear slot instead of by DLC.
Does anyone even use the search by DLC, or even care that it exists? I find that it’s completely useless.

On the other hand … I’m ALWAYS trying to find fun gear for a Thrall and wishing that I could JUST look at all the pants/skirts when building an outfit.
I Mix&Match all the time. I don’t give a damn about the Sets, or even usually what the stats on the gear are … I’m just makin cool outfits.

Being able to search by Gear Slot would make a incredible improvement to my day, and remove huge amounts of constant wasted time rummaging through menus.

Is this important to anyone else?


It’s neat. It can be the polish for this game.

Have you tried to make each one and sort it all in a large container, chest, etc? I haven’t seen a way to automate that search toggle.

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Yeah, this is important to a lot of us and it’s been suggested a number of times. The entire armor/weapon crafting screen needs some love as we also want to be able to see the stats/effects of what we’re about to craft before we craft it. An armor slot filter would be a welcomed addition.


I like the idea.

Yes, yes, please yes. I would love to have an assortment of filters: body slot, weight class, attribute class for weapons, etc. Same for the artisan table.

Filters are such an awesome thing and I’m not sure why they’re not utilized more.

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