Searching does not find traps in locked doors

Character ‘Wheeeefast’ L220 fixer, all expansions.

I’ve been doing a bunch of RK missions looking for sellables (found a high QL platinum ingot on a Clan Doctor earlier today for a cool 200 million sell to standing order) and I have noticed something.

Using the ‘search’ ability works fine to detect traps in chests, boxes, etc. It finds the silly little invisible floor mines that apparently do absolutely nothing other than annoy people who can detect them.

However, the search action will NOT see traps in locked doorways. I have been exploded so many times with undetected bombs in doors that I now always attempt to disarm locked doors before picking the locks.

Today I made a careful watch of every locked door in every mission I ran, and it is 100%. Perception NEVER sees traps in locked doors.

Wheeeefast has: 1500 Perception, B&E 1922, Trap disarm 1323.

Is it intentional that trapped doors simply cannot be detected, but they can be disarmed?

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Well, did someone make a server side change? Because today I found door traps with perception for the first time ever.

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