Season 2 - the little nice details thread <3



The poor woman was messed up with enough, wouldn’t you think? She deserves a semblance of normal life after all she was put through.


But a career in telemarketing is a semblance of a normal life!

Or so I am told, usually by people who don’t actually want to give me said career once I ask them about their policies and compliance guidelines on cold calling.


Not exactly a “little” detail, but somehow I missed this during my first run. Really freaked me out.


Wasn’t she a law student when they plucked her off the street? I imagine she’s working for a law film, feeling something’s missing from her life, and suffering from strange dreams. When she sees aspects of the Secret World, she gets a feeling of familiarity, and she wants to recall what’s so familiar about it, but she can’t quite grasp it, and so it passes by and her dismal life continues. Maybe she’ll be reacquainted one day?

That said, I do like listening to the call centre conversations.


It’s not really a game detail, but the named NPC Kwanele in South Africa was teased as an Agent months ago. Maybe in the future?


In The Last Legion Khalid says this about the cults of Aten and Deus Sol Invictus: ‘And the few who survived headed South’. South to where? I think now we know :wink:


The Congo.


Recently noticed that the moon (after all hell breaks loose) looks like something very big and very dark is crawling on it. They just show up as blackish spots, but if we can see them they have to be big.


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