Seasonal Quests

Myself and my admin team recently reopened our server after a 3 month break.
While we love the new dlc (except the armor) we still feel like these are just cosmetics to placate the dwindling playerbase.
We were talking about what we love about the game and things we would love to see implemented in order to rejuvenate the game and bring players back and keep them interested.

One of the things we agreed the game lacked was content. Especially for those who are not big fans of constant pvp and rebuilding ect. What we would love to see is the devs making quest lines for players to do. Even if these were just seasonal releases with a small reward at the end of them, for example a Christmas event where we could get a placable fur tree ornaments, or even a fur lined outfit, a Halloween event with skull decorations, dungeon decor chains ect, valentines quests with togas or revealing drape dresses, heart shaped bow design? Just a easy to program quests that are released every few weeks/month just something to break up the repetitiveness of conan because let’s face it after years of playing both maps there’s nothing new to do and only so much admins can do to keep players interested without help from thw devs.


That’s a good suggestion.
I remember once there was a Halloween event but that goes a little bit wrong :ghost:

Maybe some community events like in no man’s sky?

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Glad you are getting your server back up.

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I have ran a console server. And ever since, I have petitioned hard for a dungeon maker type dlc. Where you can place in game building assets, along with spawn points and loot tables. This would allow non mod owners to at least create uniqueness on consoles outside of a hard rp ruleset.

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The problem with the Halloween event was that it affected everyone, regardless whether they were interested in participating with it or not. The permanent darkness, recolored torches, and constant meteor storms couldn’t be avoided. Additionally, mining the meteors was massively profitable, giving people who did not want to participate in the event a tangible disadvantage within the game economy.

For events to work, they need to be completely optional, so those who want no part in it are able to just ignore it.

I would like to see events return, though they need to be done right.

  • They need to not interfere in any way with normal gameplay. Putting a skull on the moon is ok, but changing the color and length of night is not.
  • Any rewards should be cosmetic-only, such as a recipe to craft the purple torches or a pumpkin hat with the same stats as basic gear and no unique ability.
  • Additionally, rewards should become available again every year, and not contain unique items that will be lost forever if you miss the event.

I think possibly the best way to implement seasonal events would be to have each event take place in a mini “dungeon” with a portal to access their respective dungeon that opens for a week at a time during the event. The dungeons could just be a single room with holiday-themed scenery and enemies that drop the event rewards, or a simple activity like a maze with a loot chest at the end.

The dungeons should always give the same rewards every year, and the access portal should be automatically activated when the server reaches a set calendar date (with a server setting to deactivate for private servers).

Once created, Funcom shouldn’t ever need to touch the dungeons or rewards again unless a patch somehow breaks them.

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