Seasons in the Abyss 18+

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Everyone take a moment and check out my PRIVATE SERVER. The rates are 4x and the way we have the server set up as a PVP on weekends only right now server, due to the fact that everyone that plays on the server currently has a life outside of work and doesn’t have 10 hours a day to play. We welcome anyone and everyone and I will be patrolling the server to make sure people are not grieving other players. Server will be up every month barely anything is built at all so plenty of locations to do as you please. Invite your friends as well and let’s have a good time.

We also have an arena built for in game events that will have rewards and of course PVP!!!

Thanks everyone for taking a moment to read.

Some server rules are below
*No spamming of foundations or pillars or it will result in a instant ban.
*No wiping of bases unless you were raided and you announce war in the community for the opposing clan to prepare for war.
*No racism is tolerated what so ever and will result in immediate ban.