"Secret" Game Mechanics and Features

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Whatever you say, @TenJumpChump.

That’s the question that has plagued us recently with the fence stacking issue since it’s using the mechanics of the game as it was designed but not for what it was designed for.

well fence foundations were designed to be defensive building pieces even if they weren’t designed to be stacked. Beehives were not designed to be defensive building pieces, but you can use them for that. That would be exploiting the beehive by definition. Would it not?

True but why does a beehive has so much HP? I don’t see this any different that the throne in front of doors thing…maybe an exploit of the hp they gave the placeable but really…I think gate doors should have the highest HP of the placeables and the normal doors and then the other stuff.



people misconstrued exploit with bad. Every gamer exploits a little. The question becomes how detrimental the xploit to the game, playerbase, and overall pocket books of FC. based on that, they will act.

Fence stacking was an exploit around how building normally worked. It got so bad that FC decided to counter it so as not to have to deal with. I mean I exploit the pink/black lizards when I level up. If you use stone daggers and move camera over the top while directly up against them you can get them stuck trying to aggro while you stack bleed. They will never attack because they get stuck trying to align for it. Risk free kill XP (one of the highest non boss).

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I agree. It seems like Palisades and Beehives should have their HP switched. Either way it’s an exploit that people can use just like sleep penetrating or any of the others

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It’s been discontinued, but Funcom had a program called Exploit Hunters. I was a participant, and it turns out someone I respect deeply was a Funcom insider all along, running the program (like Henry V en camp). I’m a little prickly about exploits, and think the word has doo-doo in its soul.

SECRET: Interact with your Humanoid Follower (inventory) – Shift-left click their armor to undress them piece by piece. Dress them by Right-clicking armor from your inventory.

Ergo, Funcom should remove beehives from the game.

Or just give them reasonable HP. We need honey for mead after all :slight_smile:


I only found out yesterday how to get bone from dead enemies.

I find that if you press “crouch” as soon as you “swing” your tool your will actually crouch down as you swing and hit the “small” items on the ground reliably to harvest them with your tool. Works great for things like branches and the like.


Yeah, @CodeMage pointed out the same thing. I tried it, it works. It’ll work better for people who use the default binds for crouch than for me though. My crouch is MB4 I think. One of the two side buttons is sprint, and the other is crouch.

oooh I’m definitely going to try that! Thanks

Climb to the top of the highest peak where Fingerfang Rock is. There is something up there. Bring a fragment of power

Always keep Inn-keeper’s vestments and Artisan’s pants on you. They weigh next to nothing and can be swapped out for a big encumbrance boost. If you put gliding joints on them they are great for climbing as well (you do farm The Watcher for the Sword of Crom, right?)

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If you want to widen your thrall"s attack range, give him a bow and the melee weapon of choice; then set attack range to highest. It works wonders when you want guards to have a higher guarding radius. I belive it adds the bow range to the highest possible melee range. The thrall will take one or two shots and then will change to melee unless defined otherwise.

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Need to safely move loot from Forward Base to Base 2?

  1. Map room at each base, bed|bedroll at either base
  2. Bearer + mount at each base
  3. Safe Handoff Lodge, preferably near an Ob (Ob Handoff Lodge)

A1. If you’re not ENC spec, load Followers with items from Forward Base.
A2. Take the loaded followers via Map to the Ob Handoff Lodge. Make them stop following.
B. If you can/will respec, pre-load the Ob Handoff Lodge with goods in chests.
C. Bracelet to Base 2.
D. Bring your two empty Followers through Map to Ob Handoff Lodge. Stop following.
E. Load Base 2 Followers with goods. Bracelet to Forward Base. Note the time.
F. Wait 10 minutes. Bracelet to Base 2. Your stuff will have arrived.
A3. Bracelet back to Base 1 to reset your Followers if they’re in jeopardy at the Ob Handoff Lodge.

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I haven’t tried making them into steel bars, because they’re easy to farm and I need 90% as reinforcements anyway. But if you’re just making steel reinforcements, it’s faster than the old way.

Try S+A or D! Barrel turn! But beware of the sideward drift if you are at the edge of a cliff.

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