Secret Twitter is Waiting


I’m @CraftRamsay on Twitter, and if you’re not there yet, you should join us.


@MorsReve and @Potter_Monster

Annnnd also now @ArsenicBlueLace


@JeriTSW OOC a lot so be forewarn :3


I’m on as @EmilyMenton1 (and it’s been over 4 1/2 years for me, where does the time go?)


I exist under @TSW_PizzaGuy and mostly use Pizza delivery as an excuse to do 1 on 1 RP or get into small group scenarios.

I currently spend most my time RPing through Twitter and Discord, a good portion of people I play with cant get into the game client when theres events and stuff going on so I’m decent at remote and relay roleplay.


You can catch me on @A_Rovena

And if you wont to find more accounts and learn how the two RP promotion bots work, check the section on Twitter RP in my overview post


Working with the Chambers Paper Fibers Corporation since 2012.

If you want to discuss subjects related (but not limited) to recycling, security, cooking or self-aware mold, plants or technology, or even look for answers, feel free to contact Balthasar Ockel.

Also, note that even if contact is free, answers may not be…

Loqui argenteum, aureum negotium.


You can find my main @Tiger_Kle. You can also visit the various factions @Temple_Hall for the Templar, @Unknown_Pattern for the Dragon and @BPaperworker for the Illuminati.


Hey there guys! You can find me at @Lorplays on Twitter :3

(Good idea @Caerfinon <3)


Also 99.9995% of all Secret Twitter accounts are in fact @Kle… “It is known” :wink:


I’ve been slacking latley. I’m only at 99% atm :stuck_out_tongue:


When did we stop calling it Twitterverse? Or was that only the official accounts run by SW developers?


Names have been changed to protect the innocent…


Hey everyone! I’m fairly new myself, but would love to be a bit more involved in the RP scene. I’m @MdrakeSWL


My primary Twitter account is @darkgryphon42 - I talk a decent amount about SWL there BUT also other games, pets, current events, etc. I’m just now (finally) starting up an IC account over at @gryph_swl. My primary has been kinda half RP in my responses to people, but I’m hoping I participate more when I’m not always wondering if I’m confusing non-SWL followers, heh.


Also on Twitter, you can find me look forward to meeting new Agents!


I started @kneedeepinfilth as a Twitterverse account, but it’s now more a general gaming account, and I type both IC and OOC, but without using (( )) to differentiate. Follow at your own risk if immersion is important to you.


My main on Twitter is @TheOtherAtrus, but I’m also the annoying voice behind @Chersonisou, @AraciTSW, and @TheDameJulia (parody account).


Hi! I am @markhaar22 in Secret Twitter. My account goes back to the origins of TSW, but I cleaned it up and reopened it for SWL back on November with a reboot of my character Mark Vanderheyden.

Be welcomed to follow. Except for some ((OOC)) tweets related to my machinima videos, the rest is IC content. :smiley: :blue_heart:


updated for my alts…