Secret world legends cannot start ordinal does not exist


I have a windows 10 x64 system running GTX 1080TI. Still on driver version 390.65 due to some reasons such as being able to use ansel in any game and it supports no stutter video for madVR.

Anyways, when launching secret world legends, it immediately fails with ordinal 305 does not exist in c:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NvContainer\ssleay32.dll and exits. I noticed secret worlds provides an ssleay32.dll so I copied that into the above folder and replaced the nvidia provided one and now the game loads and gets a little further. It now errors out with a black screen and music playing saying ordinal does not exist (different ordinal number) in c:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NvContainer\poco.dll. I checked and my poco.dll installed by nvidia is the lastest version v1.9.0.0.

I have also downloaded the lastest nvidia driver and extracted its dll’s in this folder and the results are the same.

I’m not completely clueless. Ordinal errors means that the application or dll using another dll is expecting an input function at a specific location and it is not available or exported by that dll. Googling, no one else has ever reported an ordinal error with secret world legends so I guess I’m the only one in the world with this issue.

Does anyone with a 1080TI have secret world legends running and can you verify your poco.dll above reports version It may be another dll that secret world is using that is looking for poco.dll instead of secret world itself. Not sure if there’s a way to trace the stack and do a dependency walker or anything.

Anyone know a way to debug this?

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That is the/one of you issues…the last coule patches of Nvidia broke stuff in some games including Legends. Last stable driver version was 425.XX
Not sure if something else is hiding behind it but repairing the game and trying with changed DX versions are some relatively common ways to catch various bugs.

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I downloaded the latest driver but never installed it. Only used the dll files from it in the nvcontainer directory. Anyway, it turns out that uninstalling geforce experience removed the nvcontainer folder entirely and now the game runs.


Geoforce experience isn’t needed? Do you redownload when you download the next patch.

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One can always manually download driver patches and apply them. Or even use Window’s own “update driver” tool. No need for softwares if one doesnt want :> I have GeForce Experience but I never have installed driver update via that software :smiley:

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