Secret World moments IRL


Yes, yes I would. The chance to be Immortal with crazy powers and learn all the secrets of the known Ages? In a heartbeat!


It’s the immortality that’s the real clincher. The magic powers and exciting lifestyle are just a bonus.


Sneaks in an AO moment for good measure

DUCK!! :smiley:


Ah but it is forever a theme that immortality isn’t what it is cracked up to be. The life of a suicidal bee is a tough one; not everybody does it just to reach some well hidden lore. (what mission was that - the bee who managed to kill themselves, the Swarm one? - in anyway?)


Seven Silences: Samhain event mission that hasn’t yet made the jump from TSW.


That’s awful. Did your haunt do anything to try deterring them? (Go over rules before entry, escort them out asap, ban for multiple offenses?) We had folks get more obnoxious over time, but not consistently that awful. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. :confused:

A(n apparent) repeat of IRL things–I went to visit my family this past weekend, and froze when I saw pallets leaned against the back porch step thinger, before flailing about them to my sister. I apparently did the same thing last time I visited, but had forgotten. :joy: (This is a thing because Moriko Grey had pointed out various pallet models ages ago–there’s plain ones, some with green paint, and ones marked with a B logo, and theorized what each might be for. It stuck, and inspired me to check every box/crate I run into in the game. Lots of Red Hand crates in unusual places…)


Well, it’s at an amusement park, so there’s security, but they can’t be everywhere. I was able to make sure one person was taken care of though, I wasn’t the first person he assaulted either, but hopefully I was the last.

To be fair, most people were good, it’s just the bad ones got worse and worse. College nights are the worst. College kids + alcohol = bad situation, but they don’t see it.


I simply can’t at a group of ravens without thinking about Revenants. Furthermore, someone mentioned a Norwegian explorer quite recently and I was like: “Roald Amundsen”? Once you lift the veil, you can never unsee.


So, I have a legitimately strange story that makes me believe that either ghosts or fairies follow my family. My family has been in possession of a display nativity scene, complete with Wisemen, Mary, and, of course, the mostly-nude baby Jesus. Several years ago, after Christmas, we noticed the baby was missing from the manger. We looked high and low for it. Found it nowhere. Until about 3-4 months later, where he lay face-up. In the middle of the living room floor. The placement of it was not unlike the Nursery dolls. I could almost see a knife in its tiny hand (okay, not really. But still, it was parallel to the East and West walls. Spooky). To this day, whenever something goes missing, we refer to it as “the Baby Jesus Phenomenon.”


Someone in your family had fuuuun.

I do stuff like that - move something, hide and bring it back out later… swapping cutlery at a plate when someone goes to the restroom… packet of salt in the beer…

Never SAY anything about it, just appreciate your mark’s slow puzzlement as they try to figure out what’s off about the situation.


It’s possible, but when this happens to other objects at other times… plus, I am really the only one in my family who would pull a prank like that. My family has a different kind of humour. Again, it is more than possible, yet I somehow doubt it.


This should work this time!
This is a photo I took on my yearly pilgrimage from New England to North Carolina, wherein I pass through the actual Blue Mountain.


Yeah, gaslighting family members is fun. Especially when you’re trying to get that final signature to have them send to Bedlam.


Just being related to me is a qualifier…



This can’t POSSIBLY be good…


Dafuq you say…


Are we sure these weren’t Sasquatch vying for territory? Or maybe the victim was Filth-infected…


There are…other…explanations:


Yes. If there is something only I or a chosen few can do to protect everyone else and ensure a more or less normal life for them, I would. And maybe I can even add to my knowledge.


This totally beats the pants off trunkmonkey.

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