Secret World moments IRL


There are no words.
There just…


They’re not wrong… but somehow they manage to be nowhere near right at the same time.


One time I got a phone call. I say hello? No answer, and then a moment later a staticky version of Flight or the Valkyries starts playing. After about a minute the call ends.


The Bees are trolls, for certain.

Either that or kids… I used to play the Spiderman theme for people.


But are there Verds?


The Atlantic Island Amusement Park was actually modelled on the one in Pripyat, Ukraine.


Saw this building during my Londen Trip;

Subtle, Lumies. Real subtle. And people say us Templars lack tact.


Has to be obvious, otherwise the Templars would overlook it and might actually notice our operations in London…


This happened:


So, not necessarily a ‘Secret World’ moment in specific, but I had an experience once that, looked at from the outside, was a total horror movie set up, which is a fun story to tell.

It was probably 5-6 years ago, at this point. I was working downtown in the city, but my main route home was up a hill and through some woods. It was December, so it was getting dark around 4:30, 5:00ish, and I was leaving work well after dark, around 7pm.

So, I get in my car, just me all by my lonesome. (I’m female, for context’s sake.) And I start driving out of downtown proper and into the woods on the west side of the city, which is a pretty steep hill.

About a quarter of the way up the hill, my car gives me the ‘low on gas’ ding. Now, I know I have plenty of gas to get home, but I AM below a quarter tank, and driving on an incline sometimes gives a false ‘low’ signal. Something to keep an eye on, but not an immediate concern.

And then, about 1/2 way up the hill… I drive into REALLY dense FOG. It goes from clear air, to hazy, to pea soup in a few hundred feed, and I’m grateful I know the road really well. I hope no suicidal deer decide to bolt in front of my car, because I WILL NOT see them in time.

And then, about 3/4 of the way up, the SULFUR happened. From out of nowhere, there was suddenly the overpowering stench of sulfur. Like, I could TASTE it, it was so strong. I had trouble breathing normally, because I didn’t want to gag. I couldn’t see any obvious causes (not that I was likely to, because fog), and it wasn’t coming from my car, so that left me with one suspicion…

See, at the top of the hill… is a cemetery. A lovely Catholic cemetery. And thanks to either the radio towers that pass through it, or just some quirk of range and terrain, I have no cell phone service up there.

Let’s recap, kids.

I’m a woman.
In the dark.
My car is low on gas.
My phone has no signal.
I’m driving through the woods.
In thick fog.
That reeks of sulfur.
Toward a cemetery.

Anti-climatically, nothing happened, and I drove past the cemetery with no trouble, and out of the sulfur cloud and the fog. I did not run out of gas and there were no zombies or other lurking monstrosities.

But I tell you what: If, for some bizarre reason, my engine had decided to die as I was passing through the cemetery…

… you could not have paid me money to get out of my car and go looking for help/a phone.

And that’s my ‘TeaThief drives through the opening to a horror movie’ story!


I think we just found our next set of Solomon Island missions…

Epic story!


Oh if there isn’t something deeply weird and paranormal in my city, I will eat my hat. (I may have to buy a hat in order to eat it, but…)

Points to whoever can guess my city by the context in the story.


It wouldn’t happen to be Bridgewater, of the Triangle fame, would it?


Nope! Nice try, though. S’probably not enough information to go off of.


Ah, well.
I’ve seen all of those things, often at the same time, usually early in the morning, in coastal Massachusetts. Here the sulfur smell would come from low tide in one of the salt marshes, the fog from temperature changes between the marshes and the surrounding air, water, and land and cell signals can be surprisingly spotty once you get a bit off the beaten path.


It’s not a bad guess, to be sure, good use of clues. However, we’re over an hour inland … and on the opposite coast!


West Coast, fog and hills, old churches… yeah the classic guess would be Seattle. San Fran taking the 2nd most likely as old churches aren’t as common due to earthquakes and fires.


Oh god, you’re bookending it. XD I’m in the small city in between the two: Portland.


Now you’re just pulling our leg. Everybody knows that Portland doesn’t exist. Nobody lives there, not since what happened in '73… :stuck_out_tongue:


Portland would be #3