Secret World moments IRL


… Granted, that sort of thing happened…
But I’d like to think the current generation is beyond such a thing.
Keeps a firm eye on the Old Guard


I love how much mileage this image can get, just with a change to the text. (Here’s the fullsize if you want to do anything with it.)

Mel's Not-So-Secret Fanart

Good one!
Personally, I had a slightly different scenario in mind:

The Place: Egypt, The Scorched Desert
The Time: Dawn
You stand outside a decrepit little hole in the wall in the slums of Al-Merayah
It’s taken you weeks, but you’ve finally tracked down the rogue scholar Iain Tibet Gladstone, who, after slipping his minders, promptly disappeared off the face of the Earth. Your handler will be pleased. For once.
The name of the place is scrawled in what you can only hope is charcoal across crumbling bricks comprising the front of the building. Badly. Three words are misspelled, which is particularly strange, as the name is only two words long. And one of those is “A”.
As you are pondering this oddity, the door opens in a cloud of incense, rare herbs, and very sick camel and out steps the man himself.
His eyes stare strait ahead, bloodshot and unblinking, the left one appearing to rotate slowly counterclockwise in its’ socket. His clothes are stained and disheveled, contributing mightily to the ‘ill camel’ smell. His hair, beard, and facial expression can only be compared to Giorgio Tsoukalos after french kissing a light socket. In a thunderstorm. While wearing copper lined underwear.
Sir Iain slowly stumbles up to you, mumbling softly to himself in no language you recognize. He suddenly snaps to attention, galvanized by forces beyond your understanding, and grasps you firmly by the lapels, looks you strait in the eye, his left eye spinning faster than ever, and slowly, with great difficulty breathes out:
"Don’t Drink The Mummy Juice"
Before slowly, and with great dignity, toppling strait over backwards, whence he began snoring with gusto, a state he would remain in for three full days before waking refreshed and relaxed, remembering absolutely nothing at all that happened since before leaving the Library.


Oooh, you mean something more…



Only …beardier


Dude/Dudette, have you seen your current handler?
He’d be the first one sitting at the ready with a straw.


While that is true, our lore indicate that we leap into the unknown blindly, and fully accepting that we do so. That part, one of our faction handlers embody more than the other. They both equally represent what the Dragon as a whole is about. They are both the extremes, one looking too hard for order and understanding, one seemingly throwing it out the window.

We might not be lunatics, but neither is he, he just looks like it (imo).

I could easily see a Dragon take a chance with the Mummy Juice, that is the part where we jump in blind. I could also easily see lumies make someone else drink it. They are more known for directly manipulating things than Dragons are. Most times Dragons just let things play out, letting their silence tell the lie for them, while Lumies wanna pull the strings themselves.

It would really depend on the whole situation, whether or not it’s more of a Dragon or a Lumi thing to do.

Now different Dragon perspective out of the way. SWL IRL moments. Lets see.
Had a very persistent group of crows being very nosy every day when going to my old work … i’d lie if i didn’t think of a Revenant. If that is the case, it was just a very bratty Revenant wanting part of my breakfast … we came to an understanding. I feed it a bit, and it doesn’t try and push me in front of the bus.


So, I’ve just gotten cable for the first time after a couple of years of Cutting The Cord (the deal they offered me was just too good to pass up-like 50 bucks a month cheaper than Internet alone with third party Streaming services). I find myself having trouble sleeping and am watching some odd shows in the wee hours of the morning. Particularly Treasure Quest: Snake Island, Season 2, on the Discovery Chanel. I reach the episode “Striking Gold” to find the Crew has discovered a strange obelisk in the middle of the jungle. One of the crewmen free climbs it and retrieves from a hidden crevice a completely smooth, egg-shaped rock. On the rock is an inscription: an Eye In The Pyramid.


It’s nice to see Dr. Zern is still getting work these days: