Secret world or seek world after 1000h play (read this game desiner)

secret world or seek world
i will write my expriens from frist day untill now Unfortunately only scamers left on this game if u create new charapter u will see some players coming and move on your screen intentionally thats just they cuz try too doing good things?no they just trying too make mony from this game and they will contact u very soon when sure u are the new player and they trying too sell u expensiv weapon they making your singets(for while every singet i was use become expensiv from 300too 1k-2k(cruel dlight-engangment-rapid response ) they trying too force u use wrong build (they wasask me too use stan ability on shot gun in lair they was use shot gun stun ability on my screen and in then end the scamer add 2players he was ask me put away shut gun thats make u on danger) even u join the cabal they giv not much offers for example even for lair after they calling on chat they giv u 1day invit next day no invit well i was try the skip from last one(belive next step they asking for cash i have 0 anyway) but after this problems start the offers on agarta get Disappears and they push too solo activity well still i wasnt giv up but solo activity its shaking hand too theme only skenerio is good for glyph power up(no even givs exp) so i made the 1 legendery glyph from level 4 sknerio and next made all glyph too gold 25 and 1legendery from level 5 and 6 skenero but thats it of course i did some runs from agarta too and they was carry but after 1100hr game play in 4month i only got 830 power cuz they diside how much u power up with giving offer invite or no invite u and solo acrtivity not help even u play 10hr in the dayi understand scamers exist in all online game but tey cant stop u like this cuz less content
on this game and all players left and old players stayed there They are financially motivated cuz this game never was designed for this few players lets say in other online games there is normal peeps and scamers so if wake up they cant stop u but in this game even normal players exist They are in harmony and thery covering up scamers so thats not make diffrents they compilitly have power too stop any player cuz strong networking create there even they have Guard on agarta for the moment player teleport witch shift+t they runing on too bank place for giv warning too scamers its just need epsilon of Honor and Humanity for they not doing thisbut who we are kiding noting worl like this they are just a people and nothing work wich promise or Honesty for example the moment u try too take mony froum bank isnt work with promise or Honesty the system not leting u take mony more then u have so i ask give more power too solo activity for make some balance for example we can chose what distillate gain from skenerio or solo activity gain like 20% less power up then grp activity and last thing the diskuss isnt about uare showing respect or not u are friendly or not know how too commonicate its just about u let theme scaming u or not if u are try too skip they will stop u
in the end i made this letter with out use any one name I did not go into details like the didnt say name the guy posting there for helping players but scaming theme i just giv hes name luk likes derende he was after he was tried too sell seven sonth blade energy too me for 250k in 2021 and i find out its scaming plan he was contact me with other character name was doracha and singets story happens there he was tried too i make change the shot gun build(i was learn the build from schimdy on youtuh) and in the end he was add 2 players and they was telling me too put away shot gun

so disappointed the game Criticizes Revolution in oil-rich countries in throgh the wake darkly the game Criticizes society in the nightmare in te dram place It self become millions of times worse

No u !


Did you buy that 7th son of Energy for 250k? I’ll take it if you didn’t.

It’s almost like being rude and inconsiderate to people in a game with a small community has consequences. Who’d have thought?


frist i wasnt buy the sword for 250k and its a good price or isnt i wasnt buy it any way i dont think i was buy any of singets too
second yes for normal community maybe being rude is imported but when community cover up scammers then if u just stay on agrta its crime like im from iran then some guy coming dancing with ak47 and atheist hat and coat near my character (its funny cuz my first character style was look like middle east soldiers but i got stuck on story mode then i was search for assault rifle and i was think it healer class and removed next character pick sword and pick samooray style im not racist) then the less offers come on agarta and they push u on solo activity then u open your eys and see after 4 mount and 10h r play in day u got 800 power ok it is what is this the community and game In the wrong direction but game desinger must give more power too solo activity(ca choose distillate on skenerio) it must exist some way for peeps can choose
so when Value is covering up scammers they realy dont care about rude even they being rude but staying in agarta become crime

I thought more Maybe a scammer is not the right word lets say the peeps trying too have generation maybe if this become Legal(like wow) and game designer give more power too solo activity Solve many game problems
but when u ignore problem in the time The problem pervade every where

You’re taking the game wayyyy too seriously. You actually sound pretty rude yourself.

This guy actually thinks there’s some kind of organized crime syndicate in this game full of scammers. In THIS game! I’m not sure if this is some high effort, low quality trolling or if this guy really is that paranoid and thinks the world is out to get him. Either way, it’s hilarious.

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I just can’t believe he called Derende a scammer. Derende would never!

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Derende is a saint. One of the most loyal Templars I know.

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I completely agree!

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I see you don’t have Shambala unlocked. You’re going to need to prove yourself.

Yes. :ecta:


This thread is wild. Also it’s quarantined