[Seed of Evil] Wings of the Sniper Not Showing Recharge in Inventory

If one uses the Wings of the Sniper mutation and then checks the inventory of the character it shows that this mutation is fully charged. However, this is not the case when checking the recharge on this mutation in combat. This applies to both Dux and Farrow.

I haven’t noticed this issue with any of the other mutations.

Hello @mcarver2000, thank you for your submission!

We’ve forwarded this information to the developers, could you please also share which version you’re currently playing and the platform?

PC Platform… But I am unable to determine the version number. I can’t see it on any of the in game screens, nor via viewing version information in Windows File Property. I did just get an update via Steam, but the bug still exists (also applies to non-upgraded Moth Wings).

Closest I can find to version is:
ZoneUE4/Binaries/Win64/ZoneUE4-Win64-Shipping.pdb 2019-08-09T12:05:28.449Z

The version should be present in the top left corner of the main menu, as you’ve recently patched through Steam you’re likely in v1.08.

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