Seeking Players for Experimental Concept: Capture the Flag

Knights of Conan / Capture the Flag

I have been kicking around the idea of introducing an organized “PvP war game” to Conan Exiles (xbox) for a while now and am exploring to see if there’s any interest. Full disclosure: I have never even logged into a CE PvP server because I’ve seen all I need to see to know THAT isn’t for me. I’ve designed games and LARPs before, and I generally begin with determining the needs the game has to fill or audience it has to accommodate. Here’s who I am aiming for:

  • Players who want to build castles and fortresses that actually look and act like historical castles and fortresses. This means “murder-holes” and layers of walls protecting each other - yes. Using rows of foundation blocks for walls, building on unassailable game-built structures, and destroying stairs to keep people from entering it, etc. - no.

  • Players who want to use those castles and fortresses for an actual defense - not logging in to see that it was attacked while they were offline.

  • Players who have various ranges of time commitment or interest in “the grind” from a few hours a week and not being a primary server - to those interested in spending several hours per day planning and preparing. (Note: a successful clan would need some from EACH category - there is no way to address/balance entire groups spending 40 hours/week vs. entire groups spending 10 hours/week)

The one line explanation of the game I want to run is “Conan Exiles Capture the Flag.”

Here is how the game set-up and execution would go (sorry too much formatting in doc to try to recreate here - so screenshots are best I can do right now)



There will also be regular rules about blocking off resources (which is actually indirectly covered by not being able to build everywhere) and player griefing and whatnot. But I want to just gauge overall interest before I worry about moderating an imaginary server.

Thanks for your time:

Contact me at Xbox gamertag OnlyAShadowOfMe if interested.