Select music to chill to while crafting/working

Ever play Runescape back in the day?
(Well, suppose its still here…)

What was cool is you would be grinding away, (fishing, what-not), and you could unlock and play tunes in any area you were in.

Now, I get the feel of this game is different in sound/graphics - but the grinding away to collect your materials is similar, and while the ambience is nice… sometimes it feels that it would be cool, while you are relaxing, doing your favorite activity, to hear some type of varied music/ambience that can be selected from a menu.

This music/ambience can be discovered and collected in various locations as you journey. :slight_smile:

While this is cool - would love to see crafting menus fixed first. (Another thread was made on that!)

bard thralls.

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Yeah, I have “Become a Bard” Skyrim Mod… love it. :slight_smile:

im so jelly on my fat ol ps4 XD

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