Send out some emails

Send out an email to all past members.

How on earth is anyone supposed to know about this?

There’s quite a few people with absolutely no notice. What will happen if you actually tell someone?


Yes … and tell us how long we have to take advantage of the subscription renewal offer with the game keys pioneer backpack, etc. No point telling our friends if the offer ends today.



This is so important.

Funcom, buddy, listen to me. Do a little marketing. Hell, do some market research. People want this. They want it stable too, no exploits or anything of that nature. We also, as a playerbase, have mostly good ideas.

Let’s make this big!

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At least two new reups from old players that found this only after I posted on another guild forum from long ago.

I assume FC didn’t want to spend whatever it costs to send account spam.

Thing is, the cost is nearly insignificant, it doesn’t make any sense what so ever that they’re not sending out emails. Heck, even having a small “featured” article on Gamespot or something would be a fart in the wind with the money they are making as of last fiscal and investors report from '18.

Some methods of marketing, one as mentioned already, are nearly free investments and give so much back.


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This will be a great idea.

To Inform those ppl without hanging in social Media and Forums. Spam them sum Mails and ull gain More subs :muscle: :sunglasses:

we shouldnt be giving suggestions like this. they should have done it already. sorry funcom but your marketing department is disaster. you could build more hype before lunch, you could set countdown and advertise, you could make free weekend for all frozen accounts, subs promotions/discount along with fresh lunch etc.
ahh lotta things to say but no one listens…

The problem with sending e-mails to ppl about RK2019 may lie in slightly different place than “bad marketing department”. Maybe it is connected with GDPR regulations (i am writing about situation in EU ofc)? If FC didn’t fulfill obligations imposed by this law, it is possible that they can’t “legally” do direct marketing (like sending infos about promotion, etc.)

Just received an email today about the 2019 server, seems they actually did it.

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I have not received anything from them. Weird.


Yes me too… Didnt got some

Everyone deserves a fresh start.

Now’s your chance!

You’re invited to an odyssey across space…and time! Welcome to Rubi-Ka 2019, a celebration of Anarchy Online’s rich 18-year history. As a member, start your journey anew on a brand-new server with level caps, a fresh economy, and no expansions to begin - and be dropped into the classic Arrival Hall and backyards!

Read a quick primer on the new server here!

You’re steering this ship - We’ll be on deck to listen to your feedback and thoughts on when level caps should be raised as well as when expansions would be added to the game. Join the server for exclusive cosmetic rewards not available in the standard experience!

Thank you for sharing your love, dedication, and passion for Anarchy Online.

Join the discussion on the Forums and our new Discord server and we’ll catch you at the Arrival Hall!

To celebrate, a new offer is now available for a limited time! Get brand-new cosmetic rewards and Friend Codes* with your purchase of membership!

(*Friend Codes may only be redeemed on new Anarchy Online accounts created on or after March 6, 2019)


**That’s the body of the email I received. Maybe they only sent it to people in the US?

They are probably sent out in batches. So people will get them over time

I got an email two days ago. First I heard about it. I didn’t expect it to be a weeks old situation. The email I got was actually the one about the Subway subscription pack, not specifically the new server. So far I only renewed my SL grandfathered account since that was my least expensive way to check things out. I’m seriously considering adding another of my old accounts but need to figure out which one. I’d probably be a lot less interested if I got that email or someone told me about it a few weeks from now, and would have been a lot more sure about a second full sub if I had gotten it in time to start with the pack. Preferably early enough to have spent a little time on the regular server getting myself acclimated again. Remembering what does what and what’s where is eating as much time as anything else.

The good news is it’s not too late… level cap at. 30 right now and tons of people doing stuff… get in a good Org a and join in! Or even start your own and grab up some others that don’t have a home yet :slight_smile:

Yup, I just re-upped a second account so I can do more “self” buffing and gear swaps and such without hassle. Just getting settled in a bit and looking around at orgs. I’ve got a small selection of toons just getting to the teens and I’m trying to pick what I’ll stick with to level up. Looking like Fixer and Trader right now. Once I have some cash flow going I’ll probably add either a doc or engineer depending on what I’ve been enjoying most about playing.
So far, folks are mostly friendly and the sever seems fairly solid. I’ve only crashed once and that was making a UI change in the busy part of ICC HQ. Seems like that’s a known trigger.