Separate more detailed patches


Like some another company does on its MMO I’m playing, It might be nice to make separates patches :

  • features (new and modified features like DLC, dungeons, map modifications, new animals, taming …)
  • balancing (weapon, armour, masonry, temperature :wink:, …)
  • bugs

with more details so we can understand what’s happening.



I agree if the size of each patch remains at 1.7GB as I have a 2Mbps DSL, but a balance patch should faaaar smaller for example. Bug patches should also be smaller. Making different patch types should also greatly lower the number of introduced bugs and show us the royal annoying one : hidden balancing :slight_smile:

I am not sure if the size of the patch is something they can change, not 100% sure but I tought seing 1.7GB was with every patch.

Anyhow smaller patches would have the benefit, that if something goes wrong, it is more content in terms of possibilities to track it down.

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