Separate pvp/pve server settings checkbox

Simply put a checkbox in the server settings that enable separate settings one box for pvp and one for pve and they could not be both checked at the sametime.

What kind of settings?

Separate stats for armor and weapons as well as thralls and pets. Higher HP for building pieces and lockable crafting stations, wheels, and pens. And other tweaks as needed.

The problem is then they have to balance 2 tables. Since balance is a weak part of the game, it would just double the frustration.


Balance would be easier though as they would need to balance on side on each server type.

No, it wouldn’t. It would double the work they have to do, and the amount of complaints would remain pretty much the same.

The only thing this would reduce is PVE players’ participation in PVP threads on forums.

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PvE would participate because they simply wouldn’t have to care and could go on enjoying their game without interference from a mode they don’t play . It would not double the work as they would only have to update the mode they are changing.

You are missing one fact, that 80-90% of pvp still 8nvolves pve. So the varied weapons, armors etc would kill off that…so now they would have to tweak pvp 2 ways. Plus the amount of assets in the .db would have to be stored for players that want to play pve and pvp servers.

I imagine you meant “wouldn’t” instead of “wood”, and that’s simply repeating the exact same thing I said on the last line.

Of course it would double the work. That’s what having two sets of data tables means. Instead of having one set of data tables that they have to test when they change, now they have two sets.

They don’t just have to change each set separately, they have to think about each set separately, make decisions separately, and test them separately.

This is tantamount to having two games in terms of balance. Sure, the games share the map and the assets, but the actual values that need to be balanced are different.

Why is every post you make basically you explaining how you would make a game similar to CE? Just go make it already.

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Many of the assets and tables would not change . Only the values that needed to be changed on that mode.

And they already have two different modes of play to begin with and everytime they change something one side or both complains that it affected their mode negatively. And they test the game for both modes anyway.

And there are already rules that affect one mode only this would just make the values only change for the appropriate mode/server.

And every post you make less and less sense. The game now is similar to the game 2 years ago, but tweaked. And I don’t need to make it already as they ask us for feedback and you see to get upset if anyone gives their feedback.

Yes, they do, together. They change some values, and then they test the effect of those changes for both modes together.

With your idea, they would change some values in “PVP mode” data tables and then have to test the effect of those changes for PVE activities and PVP activities on a PVP server. And then when they change some values in “PVE mode” data tables, they would test the PVE activities on a PVE server.

And what about PVE-C servers? Which set of data tables would those use? Or do we add a third one? Which one will private servers use?

So we are doomed to complaining about the same game being played 3-4 different ways with the same values and assets…

We’re doomed to complaining anyway. Like I said, even if your idea didn’t double their workload, there would still be endless complaining. The complaining would just be somewhat more decoupled.

This would be a ton of upfront work. Since you would need to create an entire new set of tables for PvP (or PvE). Also then it would have to recognize when its fighting PvP or PvE aspect of the game where it does not have to do that now. Meaning, it would have to know when to use what table for a particular action it does. Please note, this not only effects PvP servers but PvE/PvE-C servers as well. You can PvP on PvE servers if you wish.
Possibly every piece of armor, every weapon/combat attack, followers/pets attacks, all would at least would have to be reworked.

As CodeMage mentioned, any time they make an addition or change, now they have to test it twice how it works. If they did this from the start, this probably would not be much of an issue, but revamping the game completely, which would take a long while. Anytime a game revamps a system, it will take a ton of time and effort and testing. Something like this would break all the mods of course since they were not coded for these changes either.

Personally, this is the same concept i wished ESO and other MMOs created PvP with separate tables. Any game I noticed that has PvP and PvE in them, tends to have various balance issues that causes problems for one or the other.

I highly think this is unlikely to occur since this is an enormous undertaking but who knows.

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