Seperate map or Linked?

so much opinions can diverge. i disagree with both

I disagree that I have ever agreed to the “new game” theory

it’s ONE game and therefore this will never happen

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I wouldn’t say it’s a new game, but it’s definitely not an expansion.

I’m confused as to why they just didn’t call it a Map DLC? Calling it an expansion is very misleading.

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Like @Testerle said this will never happen. This is because Conan Exiles will always be supported since it uses the same game engine as Siptah. Your question is misleading because it assumes Conan Exiles and Siptah are different games.

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We are not the true protagonist in Conan’s world. We are but parts of the Conan story. The exiled lands is what Conan encountered. Us included. The Isle is just another story from Conan (Valeria in this case) and we are but players in that story. Conan didn’t fight the same army, encounter the same scenario. Isles and Exiles are different stories, told with the same tools.

Another gamemode. Not the same gamemode with extra things.

What happened to the back to basics series? btw: IT IS A NEW GAME!!!

I’m hoping they’ll work on a way to transfer between maps in the future.
Could use the surge lore for it, since it already pulls humans from the other map over, so we as players could learn to harness that ability to allow travel between worlds.

Or perhaps a mod maker could make something?
Since, hopefully… we’ll have more maps soon now that proper mod support for them have been added.

A bit confused about it all. It’s marketed as an Expansion, but it is in EA (not sure why it’s even in EA) which is normally associated with New Games in development, but is actually just a Map DLC?

Okay, so Funcom calls it a new game. Guess they can charge 49.99 to 59.99 then when it is released. But wait, then people would say not enough has changed to warrant a full priced game. So expansion means it will probably come in at 29.99 when in full release. 20 to 30 dollars cheaper.

After playing with it a bit, it makes sense-- both from a gameplay and narrative perspective --that we start with new characters. If we rolled into the map with max level characters wearing legendary gear and immediately started spamming t3 buildings, it really wouldn’t feel like much of a shipwreck. Likewise, if we could bring a bag full of t4 thralls with us, it would greatly undercut the Surge mechanic.

That said, after the proverbial new map smell wears off, it would probably be a good idea to implement an optional method to link servers and travel between them in order to avoid fragmenting communities. Granted, we can probably mash something together with the devkit and do it via mods, but this wouldn’t help the console players. Plus, it would probably be better if such a function was handled further “upstream” for both security reasons, and to minimize breakage during update windows.

Long term, a reliable server link method would be quite useful if people start making more custom maps. Imagine, for instance, that one were to make a small team deathmatch/battleground sized map with its own rules (timer, win condition, etc…). Something like this would work better linked to a larger server rather than hosting it alone and hoping people would login at the right times.

When did Funcom refer to it as a new game? I’ve always heard them refer to it as an expansion. From what I’ve seen while playing on Siptah and reading about the DLC, I’d have to agree that it is simply an expansion to the base game.

They didn’t. WMHB elided the “let’s imagine” part of that sentence, e.g. “Okay, so lete’s imagine Funcom calls it a new game” :wink:

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I was responding to those that it should have been called a new game because it is a different instance all together. I think it is an expansion, of the the core game.

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