Sepermeru Slow Motion?

Anyone else been getting super slow motion especially around the Temple District of Sepermeru? Probably been happening since 3.0 but I figured it might have just been lag due to big builds near the area. Have since seen exactly the same thing on empty servers, servers with no builds in area, etc. I can go down towards Warmakers and it’s 100% fine. I start slowing movement speed when I approach Temple District, and if I start swinging I’d say it looks like at least 50% speed, maybe 30% - but for me only. My thralls and the locals are all swinging normal speed. I get my first big axe swing in which would normally offer time to lock the opponent in until my combo is done, but now I’m so slow they hack me to pieces before my 2nd swing. Am I just getting old? I’m getting old, right? What’s that sonny? Talk a little LOUDER.

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