Seriously dude? Why? It isn't that big!

Dear owner of the Avatar that was waiting for me in my new online home, you could have waved, said hello, but no, you had to get ■■■■■■ naked and run around like something out of Benny Hill. If I came home in the real world to find a stranger in it, naked, waving their dangley bits all over my furnaiture I would be using the maximum of what is considered to be reasonable force on you. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it a bug?


People are… different. Some people use online anonymity as an excuse to misbehave. I suspect everyone online, whether in this game or anywhere else, “has this issue”.


Oh I know! But it needs to be called out , and if the guy had had a name tag I would have shamed too. I have no objection to online expressions of ■■■ but it still has to be mutual.

You could use partial nudity, if you are bothered by the full nudity of some :woman_shrugging: If you want to see p…ies you can’t avoid seeing some d…ngs too.


This is noteworthy on PS4? On PC streakers are about as mundane as going to check fish traps. :wink:


Hey Astrigarde,

If you go to your Game Settings you can turn full nudity off, which will override the server settings on your client. So even if someone turns up fully nude you won’t see it :slight_smile:


Jens_Erik, I don’t have an issue with nudity. That’s not what I said. This is about players respecting private spaces on a PVE server. I am calling out rude behaviour, nothing else. Is this hard for people to understand? What’s wrong with saying “hello” and checking it is OK before getting your kit off in someones house? Lol

It;s the fact they sneaked into my house and took their kit off, I don’t care about nudity in general. It is just rude and unpleasant behaviour which I’d expect from a 14 year old but not on a mature game. I am not shaken by it but it needs calling out.

Streaking outside my house is funny, hiding in it and waiting for me to get back is weird.

With all due respect, what do you hope to accomplish out of this forum post? Some anonymous person who’s most likely never even been on these forums trolled you. It happens, but I’m not sure what the ultimate goal here is.


Keep your doors locked and the strays will be left outside. :paw_prints:


I feel personally attacked :wink:


You don’t think rudeness should be called out? Fine, move on.

Whoever it was, they might have been trying to point out the fact that your house doesn’t do what a house should – establish a firm boundary between inside and outside :wink:

Granted, the humor in their actions is rather immature, but after witnessing people building swastika-shaped bases and streaking around someone else’s base screaming profanities in their microphone, I can say I’ve seen much, much worse…

I don’t think you’ll ever be safe from that kind of thing on official servers. If you can’t or don’t want to get used to the possibility of running into that behavior, you might want to try private servers.


Thats about the maturity range of most people on the public servers in any given game.

It was that way even 20 years ago when my friends and I were playing Ultima online. The only advice you can get is make it harder to break into your house.

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I think the real problem wasn’t the dangly bits, but invading @Astrigarde’s privacy in his home. It would bother me too if I found a stranger in my house, whether he was wearing underpants or not.

So the solution to the whole issue is “lock your doors”.


I know this seems a bit obvious, but, have you considered installing doors?




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