Seriously funcom?

between conan exiles, secret world, and AoC my time is spread pretty thin, and you plan to release the sexy tactical mutant game? have you no concern for my social life? ■■■■■■


Wait… you mean…you still have time to play CE and AoC after grinding in SWL? :smiley:

Wake up Chuck. You have bills to pay…


“Social Life”?
I’m not familiar with that game. I checked the FunCom Website and it wasn’t there, so I assume it isn’t one of theirs. I also took a look at ARC, GoG Galaxy, Origin, and Steam. None of them seem to carry it. Is it still in Early Access, by any chance? Maybe an EA title?


I think it might be a Nintendo exclusive, they do some very strange things with their hardware experiments.

That would explain things. I only have the PC, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for a port.