Seriously only 50?

Will they add more levels? I mean what ist the point of having just 50 and still more game to play?

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The level isn’t what you are after; it’s the IP (Item Power). When you first hit level 50, you are still weak as eff, but it does unlock a lot of other gameplay that you couldn’t get to before.

You can also get to level 13 faction rank, and at one point, in TSW, that was only 11. Who knows? Just go for leveling your IP, I believe the max is 1752. That’s what it’s all about. You’ll find it on the top line of your character sheet.


The levels are kinda fictive, to give people something familiar. They also serve the purpose of giving you some base stats, so you cant screw yourself too much with bad choices.

Levels give you HP, atrack rating, heal rating, a set number per level.

Once you hit level 50, you still get AP/SP from XP. The round SP stat boostes are permanent to your base build as well, but here you pick and choose which to get, though with enough SP you eventually learn them All.

The capstones at the end of the Active ability page gains you more HP, attack rating and heal rating for AP, which also becomes part of your base build.

Then there is IP which is your best measure of a ‘level’ and is gained through upgrading your gear. It indirectly adds ‘stats’ which you can change by changing gear. The IP itself also changes along with change in gear, though your max IP is saved for the purpose of entering elite tier.


The primary purpose of levels in here is to act as a safety net: give you some base stat increases as people said, and be used to prevent you from rushing the story too much by level gatting areas.
The “true” levels are indeed the IP. And that goes high.
So yeah, seriously only 50.


Consider levels as the extended tutorial. Most of your playtime will probably be spend at 50 where improvements come from gear and finishing passives.
Adding levels wouldn’t do much in that powercurve except for number warriors and probably would break some stuff in max level missions just cause there is so much to go wrong.


Levels? Where we’re going we don’t need levels.


Thank you for the explanation. I do love Secret World. I did not play for a time due to real-life stuff and recently came back and was hoping to get to level 51 LOL but I understand now and I will continue to play.


While I could imagine a SWL that adds some levels with new zones, and adjusts New Dawn zone likewise (as in higher than Lv 50), it otherwise isn’t important. ‘Levels’ is just whatever base character power the game needs you to be so you’re not easily exclusively sprinting through the most minimal of story content. Levels gives you more AP/SP, sooner and easier, particularly meaningful as a new player, and sure new story content might like that from you, but SWL hasn’t added new main story.

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