Serpentman javelins still does not stack like other javelins can

Dragonbone Javelins can stack 10, but Serpentman ones still do not.

Javelins max stack in vanilla is 1, all of them. I’m staring right at it in the dev kit as I type this :stuck_out_tongue:

You are probably running a mod of some sort.

Official server.

I am unable to reproduce this error. Could you provide screenshots and steps you took in order to stack Dragonbone Javelins? I have also attached a screenshot of the item table showcasing the stack size of Dragonbone Javelins.

The intended stack size for all Javelins is meant to be 1, as far as I know. I’ll try and dig around evidence of that.

Edit: Oscar talked about Throwing Axes being granted stackability but not Javelins in a dev stream prior to the Archery update in December. It’s at 35:11, which I’ve time stamped in this link

I guess my mistake as it was only throwing axes I guess…weird.

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