Server 1015 issues

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Multiple
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1015
Mods: none

Bug Description:

I have question to developers… How long it takes to make game playable? I dont know what situation is on other servers but 1015 have really heavy issues, like:

Big challenge to leave thrall/pet on guard stance, becouse “Must be placed on walkable floor”.
Thralls run 10 or more metrs behind character
Thralls dont want to fight, or run everywhete, teleport…
Enemies are flying…teleporting… dont fight or attack without animations.
Lags…lags and lags.
Cant use healing pots/bandages, need to kill myself or relog
Reloging… not good option, becouse sometimes got kicked for ping/battleeye or whatever.
Purge spawning inside base… And its not base on mountains or idk…place without enter. Peoples have base on ground, with enterances.
Update issues…:
I forgot… Many peeps (me too) have one of the gratest bugs… After enter to game, character cant move, bug in animations. Sometimes relog help (but reconnect as i mention earlier is a big prob too, thanks to lags) so we can…remove bracelet, back to body and wait for reload inventory (sometimes 1-2 minutes) and take stuff.

Its not good for new peoples… they leaving game becouse its unplayable.
We still play becouse we bought all DLC’s…Battle Pass… spend 2,4k hrs but there are limits… We want to play normal. 18 days after update, and problems everyday are same.

Bug Reproduction:

=Trying to play game.=

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