Server 1044 problem with decay timer

In the Night one or some player killed our dancers and horses via Wolfes and then builed some pillars around our, not finished base. (Location E9) Now we can’t build further and our Talltree is dead … The decay timer on the pillars showing 0:00:00 and won’t decay. Can someone help us? The builder of the Pillars is called Edit by Melcom

Is it pvp or pve-c? If it’s pve-c you used to be able to destroy building pieces if they were decayed enough, try attacking the pillars, I’ve come across decayed bases on offical pve-c servers and done this personally. If it’s pvp build a bomb.

When the decay timer is stuck at 00:00 it needs to get out of render distance of everyone so it can get set to decayed. You and your friend should both log out for a minute, or run a minute in a direction and then come back. If you’re the only two around they should be in the decayed state when you come back. If they are not, there is a good chance someone else is still around the area.

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