SERVER #1091 Using glitch


I do not know if it is the right place for this, no server is needed, and it is not another place to report.
Server: #1091 Tribe: MD
STREAM: ******

remove Links but Dev´s still could see the Links

I just found on youtube those same guys being kicked out of other servers (Polarbear Igloo channel). I do not know if the conan’s admin team does not care about this, or if you try to do something, until you strem all day themselves coming to the wall. I do not understand what you mean by “other moderators will see the links”, do not know if something will be done, even because I tried to alert them in several different places, and nothing. I wonder if the conan is abandoned or if something is being done.

you guys dont will do nothing? these chinese stream everyday glitch under the map, if they don’t have any punishment people just will start to leave this game.

Sorry Guys, but I dont work for Funcom. I am a Volunteer Moderator. @AndyB @Spynosaur_Nicole and @Jens_Erik as an Example working for Funcom.

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it looks like they are glitching storage under the map too

What I think is a pity, they are broadcasting live, as they are putting an end to Funcom work.

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