Server 1111 a huge territory with an ancient clem

Dear Conan Exiles Administration. You wrote that you will take measures to build servers. We ask you to come to server 1111 and clear the server from the ancient clem clan.
here server development is 90% in one clan. they consider themselves an alpha clan here and do not allow other players to develop.
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We simply need wipe every fews months in PVP servers.

they spoil the game process the server lags

you wrote yourself that you will punish such players with a ban of 7-14 days


im Balian of Ibelin, from The Ancients. I wrote Ignasis few days ago that we will dismantel a lot of our old bases and a lot of our claim.

Please give us some days to do this. And its not true that we claimed 90% of the server…new players joined our clan and we got their bases…

Ps. we never said that we are the alpha clan…we always tried to be kind to new players. We build a beginner Camp at F3. I dont know why everyone thinks that we are the bad guys…

With kind regards

Balian of Ibelin

And 2. ps: The server lag is not caused of our claim…there are so many claims who build undermesh or use other glitches so the laggs are caused of this.

Must be banned and all data (characters and buildings) erased from server database right now.

We need strong measures against foundation spamming, preventing others players to play, undermesh, exploits …

You do not play fair? Ok, if your are reported you lose all and are banned 14 days. Then they will think twice next time.

The same as police checks on the road. You drive more than 40km/h above limit or drunk, then your driving licence is canceled.

@Berserker: In all respect, I think it is not on us as forum members to discuss who on this server does right or wrong or which measures are to be taken.

@BaronIII, @666Fantik666: Player and clan names as well as accusations in general should not be posted here in the open. For reporting or ban appeals please follow the instructions you can read here:

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The head of the clan of the Ancients knew about Clem’s claims. he wrote about it above. but he did not disassemble the clems, but only put new ones. I ask you to take action, he does not keep his words. They were already banned for this for 7 days, they created other characters and ran, updated their clems

You need to report through the proper channels… go here and read the section “Reporting an Infraction”:

Best of luck

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Sorry we already dismanteled a lot of claims…but at sinkhole the russians…Annabelle, joom, syk and DuckD wanted to close the obelisk so we had to react fast to hold it open! They tried the same with North and South jungle obelisk. I think 666Fantik666 is one of this russian clan, called “: )” smileys. over 1,5 years they use every glitch you can imagine to defeat us…its so annyoing.

And @Berserker…who are you? you are new at the server 1111? you cant even say a word…because you dont know the situation…i dont come at your main server and talk trash all the time and try to blame you…so pls stop it! or maybe Berserker is one of the russians glitchers too…who knows it…Conan is almost dead because of those players…

P.s. go look at this clem from F3 to the traitor bridge

do not lie there your clem was

I am not on 1111, pics of the first post are enought.

You can not act like this even if there is russians glitchers on the server. Report them here, but do not act like them.

Simple :slight_smile:

wtf…in which way we act like them??? we had new members…they brought their bases…and now we will dismanteld it part for part…if you think thats the same what the russians do with glitching and cheating…then you really have to think about your mind condition…sorry thats the dumbest thing i EVER heard…

ps.: cant even open this dawn pictures xD

Just clean your bases and respect “Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures”. I will come next week on 1111 just to check.

Server police :slight_smile:

what are you? you are no server police…otherwise you would not believe this glitching dudes…and you would talk to us normally and would not say that we want to crash the server with our claim…maybe sometimes there is a history and a reason behind claim…

answer for your actions

and we respect the law! and we love Conan! but the law doesnt say that you are not allowed to have much claim…we dont block any spot…the claim was for treb defence in the past and now. and we build it against the jumpglitch…by the way…this russian guys tried to jump at our base with this…and raided several allies with undermesh attacks or whatever…i cant believe it…am i dreaming!!! we are the bad ones because we have claim! JESUS CHRIST…pls think about what you are saying…Conan is broken because of this unrealistic view of the situation…its like im living in russia or china…where people cant say the truth without being arrested…

You are not allowed to mass spam foundations to claim land (“Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures”). Even to protect you from exploiters, because everyone will do the same. Report exploiters.