Server 1154: a clan closes access to the rest of the map

Some member of the funcom team could enter the 1154 server and look at the starting area (spawn area) a clan has completely closed with foundations and fences access to the rest of the map. It is unfortunate to enter a server looking to have fun and find that some wretches without any respect for the game or for others have closed all access to the rest of the map. And of course funcom can’t control this?. In this case, no test is necessary, they just have to enter and look at it. I would like to see strong measures taken against these types of players.

Screw those type of clans. If you’re on PS4 go to “CST Boosted PvP - Reduced Raid” for an active admin and a lot of cool things they do such as random creature spawns with hidden chests and more. They ask players to build for looks since rebuilding is so easy. No foundation spamming is allowed so stuff like that couldn’t happen. Check it out. They give a free armor set when you join their Discord. The code is in the message of the day.

If you can, take screenshots and post them to this thread.

@Anunbs Check the “Reporting an Infraction” section of this FAQ for how to report this:

I have an old character here, here the screens, i send it to community :

But isn’t 1154 a PVP server? Why doesn’t somebody just put a hole in the wall?

Players on the South side of the wall won’t have or be able to gather the resources needed to put a hole in the wall, whilst players on the North side are probably the ones who built the wall in the first place. If the North-siders aren’t the builders then they obviously have no interest in allowing new or incautious players onto the server!

Oh, I don’t think it’s all that bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s me having punched a hole in the wall.

Here’s me exploring the west end of the wall.

Here’s me exploring the east end of the wall

Here’s me finding the naked body of the guy who built said wall. Stone daggers prepared for circumcision. :smiley:

Here’s the body of the guy who built said wall. Notice the “I can’t believe you killed me” look he’s giving me. :rofl:


I think there are cases so clear that no evidence is needed. Of course, if someone from funcom really cares and wants to do it, they could see the members of that guild entered and sanctioned. Because unfortunately there are many other players with their hands free to do these things. The problem is not that a player can or cannot make a hole, it is that these things should not be allowed to be done on a public server.

Thank you @verano y @ frenético for your help, and now I wonder if @comunidad, @funcom would like to fix and sanction these players in an exemplary way

You gotta admit this is hilarious. In a sick sort of way.