Server #1345 down since yesterday with "Lost Connection" error

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Misc/Server
Server type: PvP
Region: Asia

Yesterday I was logged into the server and noticed a massive increase in latency and action delays (for example, I had to click 3-4 times before a building piece would place). It got worse over the course of roughly 15 minutes, then all interactions stopped. My player could still move around, but no doors would open, boxes, etc.

I disconnected from the game to restart it, and ever since then I get either the message “Lost Connection to Server” or (rarely) “Outgoing Buffer Overflow”. These pop up after5-7 minutes on the loading screen.
I’ve managed to get into the server 2 times, but my character is frozen in place and after a minute or so I lose the connection.

I’ve reinstalled and verified the local files already. The server only populates in the list about 30% of the time.

May not be relevant, but in the last two weeks a few large groups have joined and spammed foundations and vaults everywhere on the map. I’ve seen a steady performance hit running around from that. Nothing else out of the ordinary recently.

I’ve checked and I’m able to successfully join Asia #1344, #1342, #1343, 1336 (just the ones I happened to click).

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Attempt to log onto Asia #1345
  2. If the server populates in the list (it usually doesn’t) then try to join it
  3. After several minutes in the loading screen, I’m returned to the main menu with the pop-up “Lost Connection with Server” then “Failed to join requested game”

#1396 too
very laggy, I think it is a DDOS attack

Report winMTR #1396, server time 21:30- (TWtime)

please investigate & fix

i think … DDOS attak is 17:00-23:00 at TAIWAN time , (UTC 9:00-15:00)

Anything on this? I see other similar threads getting updates, should I assume it’s the same mysterious “Gportal server issues” being investigated?

Hey there,

Steam had some issues on August 6th that carried over the next hours.
We’re also aware of some players abusing a network vulnerability in some server, which we’re investigating and fixing at the moment.
Apologies for the frustration.

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Is there any ETA on 1345 server issues being resolved? This problem happened well before August 6, so I don’t think it is Steam related. Much more likely an attack of some kind, I would think. In either event, we’re coming up on the decay timer since the problem began.

Also, now when I try the server, I get a message that it has had a lot of activity in the last week and something about high activity servers being more laggy.

It says 28 unique visitors in the last week, which is not high. And everytime I’ve tried it for the last 11 days it says 0/40. Not sure if the message is due to some change or update.

Also, I’m approaching the 14th day since this problem started. Since the summer decay timer increase was only through August, should I expect that when/if this server gets fixed I’ll have lost everything?

Hey there,

As we mentioned in the response above, we’re also investigating some malicious attacks on some servers, 1396 included. We have no ETA yet but it’s one of our priorities at the moment.

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Server #1345 has become sentient. It came to my house last night asking for money to buy protection from whoever is assaulting it.

Please fix it, it is scaring my children.

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Please hire these attackers immediately. Their skill is so great that they have managed to destroy the #1345 server for nearly 3 weeks in the face of prioritized fix attempts.

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