Server 1509 and a whole lot of things that don't make any sense

I’ll start with the serve issues on this well server. The server ever since 3.0 was announced, and the fact it drew in a lot of new players is causing problem. The server crashes more now in the run of a 24 hour period than it ever did before. It’s caused some people on the server to rage quit. It’s almost made me range quit over what I call server riff raff coming in, and blocking off stuff or randomly building almost on top of your base. I guess my first question is has this issue been addressed anywhere at all yet the constant crashing with medium to high server pop?

The second issue the events. I don’t understand the purpose of some of these events. The portal one gives you recipes you can’t even craft in the exiled lands because of no Eldarium. The others drop basically junk items, and the one near the black keep drops unstable essence which is even more baffling. My second question is am I missing something in relation to these events? The grave matters one drops nothing for me at all other than common items.

The final bit is the Sorcery system in particular the Zombies. We have no way of seeing how long their life span is, and we have no way of making them last forever. I’m curious is there a way to tell their shelf life? I took a fresh zombie and stood it side by side with a day old one and seen literally no difference.

I guess that is all the questions I have right now, but no idea if any of this classifies as pure feedback or not. I’m just finding some of this stuff very confusing design wise.

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