Server 1513 Near Constant Floor bug

NA Server 1513 has been having a large amount of glitching where players are falling into foundation blocks. Often getting stuck. It has been getting worse every day. Today it seems like it’s happening every 5 minutes.

yea we’re getting kind of tired of it here in 1513. over 20 minutes straight of falling and being stuck…

also sandstone highway stretching out everywhere. do something about it funcom please

Interesting. Weren’t there a number of large bases recently admin deleted on 1513? Pretty sure there was a thread about it.

I’ve noticed it is a very high population server. It would seem that has some effect though whether it’s number of building pieces or headcount, or both, is a good question.

Its like that on all servers iam on 1027 EU . Funcom must do something with this NOW its immpossible to play with all these bugs pri 1 must be sincking under floor, and stuck there until relog or die. Incedible that Funcom dont see this as a gamecritical bug. understand this Funcom we can not play anymore.

I think that’s Vacation Club… its huge.

yeah, most of them came back and started building all over the place all over again.