Server #1517-PvEC down again, another night in a row

Crashed mid fight with the Barrow King. This is getting out of hand now. Stability on servers is obviously not a priority to Funcom.

Know how you feel. This happens EVERY day now on the server I play too… and then it is down for hours…

Just bizarre how it happens every day at the exact same time. Seems to be occurring after their latest patch, must of been bad coding for our specific set of servers. No idea, but for it to persist for weeks and potentially leave the servers unstable and players afraid to play past certain times in fear of losing gear in boss fights or pvp is sad. A mate and me were fighting the Barrow King and its locked behind a hidden door. Not the best place to be for a random, unannounced and apparently not fixable server crash.

This image show what servers are guarantied to be down as we speak…

No, to get disconnected mid fight, while climbing, in the wildlife etc, is sure death, and loss of equipment… never seen a corpse after something like this either…

I’m done. Finding another game. This game has just gotten worse and continues to do so since release. When we said it wasn’t ready for release, that didn’t mean it was too stable!!!


Log back in after the server is ‘fixed’ to me naked in the desert. Scrounge about for more demon blood to open the door to the Barrow King. My body, and my mates body, are both gone. That’s about two straight days of farming and craziness lost to Funcoms unacceptably bad servers. Two full sets of silent legion gear, legendary weapons, and silent legion swords all gone to Funcoms unstable unannounced server crashes. That’s two more players this games losing now. Developers are a disgrace.

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