Server #1518 broken



I’m about to quit myself over this. I have a lot of patience normally, and I was really enjoying building and relaxing in this game, thinking maybe the issues would be fixed after a few weeks. But they’re not, and communication is absolutely tragically bad. It’s becoming more stressful than enjoyable at this point. Such a shame.


Yeah I probably wasted 5 hours combined, just for waiting on server crashes.


Same here, and that’s just counting the time spent waiting. I’ve had to replace all my gear many many times. I’ve had enough.


I’m right there with you folks. Game isn’t fun anymore simply due to the terrible support, infrastructure, and communication.

You win Funcom, got my money for the game and rushed/untested DLC - GG.


I spent the past half hour waiting for the lag to stop, logging in, and running back only to die roughly around the same time near my corpse due to the lag starting back up. It feels like groundhog day.

OK, the server can keep my stuff. This is not worth it.

The very least they can do is change server settings to not drop loot on death if they are not going to fix the stability issues. I don’t know why this isn’t considered a major game breaking issue and is being addressed in some way. This company is a disgrace.


Heya all,…

Getting tired of official server crashing? come join me on Dun Sundra a pvp 24/7 server with no avatars , no building damage, x2 everything. Just Remember we have a naming rule so make sure name is appropriate . Discord is https:// . Once Arena is built we will have tournaments with prizes for the winner


Its stuck again…does anyone even care anymore??


Down again. Every day this week…

Helllllooo……is this thing on???


Yep… still happening pretty much every night. I have stopped playing during the night time because of this but many others do not have that luxury. Wonder when we will see an actual fix for this…


I welcome everyone to join my unofficial server, seems yall have had the same issues as us over on #1744, RIP Official.


guess what…down again


Tried to log in for the first time this morning and it’s not even on the list. An hour later it still isn’t on the list. Awesome.


#1518 seems to be on the list from what I can see. Currently has 3 players. Is it not showing up for you at all? If you’re talking about a different server please make sure to specify.


It’s showing up now. Also seems like all work done yesterday building has been removed and my character time traveled as well. So much time just wasted. New IP on server, which is why its not showing up properly for people. Not good.


Thanks, I didn’t realize the IP had changed. That explains it. That’s great… I also did a lot of construction the other day. Crossing my fingers…

Edit: Myself and many others lost hours of progress, would be nice in the future to not be left in the dark about things like the server suffering a rollback, and/or being moved to a different IP. It’s not fair to the community and is just pretty sketchy in general.

A simple announcement would suffice… instead of nothing at all.


I don’t understand why would they roll back the server and especially to last Saturday. Can’t they do a save then restore? I lost so much progression in a single say. Please fix this and the server!


what a joke, Make it work or start offering refunds…im sick of it at this point.


It (1518) is not on the list from about 30 min ago till now (when i have been trying to login).


This server went from great to s-hit in record time.

From constantly crashing, to being moved 3 times, to the complete unplayable mess it is now.

Everyone that matters has pretty much quit already. Thanks Funcom.


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