Server 1535 (PvP) Discord Created

For those players who are on or thinking of joining server 1535 I have created a discord server. I did this to form a community on the server and better communicate. There are text channels to plan events, for alliances, guides, general etc. There are also voice channels to talk with people. I have also created private text & voice channels for clans which they only have access. This way they can discuss and talk about things they may not want everyone to see or clutter up other general conversations.

If you’re on the server or looking to come over join the discord and spread the link to others in-game in case they don’t know.


Hoping to see more from our server join the discord. Help make closer community, plan events, easier communication between clans.
Trying to spread info as much as possible on here, game, and reddit. So if you’re part of server help spread the word.

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