Server #1930 PvE Griefing & Harrassment

I fully expect action to be taken against me, even if they won’t take action for me, our server and everyone else on Official servers. Probably a ban so the issue will just disappear and they’ll just keep on like they have been.

You cannot depend on in-game mechanics to solve everything, decay timers can never be tweaked enough to prevent this sort of crap without harming everyone else along with it. You can’t make the zone around an Obelisk big enough to prevent it getting walled in by a larger radius wall. People are smart and will absolutely outwit you until they see a real tangible threat to be afraid of. Such as Official server Admins that ban them from servers for griefing and harassment.

If you have at least a small team handling reports and seeing with their own eyes the problems brought to your attention, it’s going to help you in the long run too by having a personal perspective on what’s going on in your Official servers.

When I came to you for help I expected that the gravity of the situation would move you to action, but you ignore and belittle me instead. That is the exact opposite of support. How would you like it if someone treated you that way? You wouldn’t, you’d be angry. You do not understand my frustration, or you would do something about it and help your customers with their problems.

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Any company who makes light of the fact about those who perished at 911, and allows signs about death to Americans etc have no respect for people . it may be words but people play games to forget those times and when people like this day in day out remind people over and over and the company just shrugs it off well it says alot. To the very few fighting to get these players gone i have respect for it shows what society should be about.

Nothing happening just makes them grow bolder and more will come and buy the game since they know funcom allows basically anything and devs not answering tickets pfftt obvious you have no idea what its like having someone pass away in 911 because you would be pissed. You decay system is bugged because 2 days they didnt log in and there timers didnt go down. Anyways you will bury yourselves and ruin a good game .

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someone actually is contacting a lawyer as well speaking to gaming magazines and there statesman .He lost 3 family members in 911. If story gets posted in magazine promised wouldn’t say which and the 4 websites ill post link here. Words cant describe how sick and lack of respect even though on a sign that a company lets people post things like that

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We are aware of this issue with PvE servers. Unfortunately, unlike our MMO games, we can’t provide any direct assistance for our hundreds of PvE servers. We are actively working on a fix to the game that will not allow this kind of play moving forward.

We would like to apologize to everyone who has been inconvenienced by this kind of play. Thank you for your patience while we work to fix this in a future update.

with all due respect because i like the game and may not agree, this is a kick in the butt to those who fought in the army and have lost loved ones during 911 . No person with any morales would have posted signs like they did mocking and making fun of the fact causing players to quit and 2) it takes 2 seconds to remove toxic players rather keep 2 people who are causing huge grief over dozens and dozens. Yes noone makes me play like the game like the people but shocked to hell being a disabled vet this is allowed. If i did something like this posted signs made a mockery about something that was horrific on the world then I would be banned. Look at the people fighting to get this removed from the game rather then quit. Joining another server going private means they win, this is what terrorism does.rather lose 40 people and keep 2? Sorry not trying to be argumentative just for the likes of me dont know how u guys keep letting this be allowed?

wouldnt all officals be unofficals then since no support?

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Hello there :slight_smile:

We do absolutely understand the frustration this causes. This is the reason we are constantly looking for technical solutions or mechanics to help with issues such as these.

To address this, we will deploy a change to TestLive by the end of this week that will add an additional setting to disable signs written by other players who are not part of your clan. We do hope that will relief some of the stress and grievance caused by this.

Once again, we are sorry for the frustration this causes/has caused.

while this helps there should be a fix added that you cannot build around oblesks or places like shattered springs this has been brought up many times as well on certain places like bridge of betrayer. They have it in ark they have it in fall out etc. So why not here? There are places on the map there is no building zones so cant these be added? this ruins the game for players who do journey quests as well and stops people from enjoying the game. I dont know how we can stop it from tribes building around other tribes and blocking people in but u should have allaince feature , this helps tribes who have neighbors they are friends with , this means the land around them if allainced will become claimed and people cant be boxed in on pve.

Forgive me but but i still dont get out of all the stuff this tribe has done the players that have quit etc they are allowed to play? its a kick in the butt to players who play and it sa sign of major disrespect for the players who have left, which many of us want them back.

I appreciate you guys trying to find resolutions so this doesnt happen to other players now on but can u see it from my view?

Alliances would help huge
No building around oblesks and around major places in game bridge of betrayer and shattered springs as i said there are places you cant build around in this game already so it shouldnt be hard adding it in to those.

We are looking at obelisk and other building places that are being used for griefing :slight_smile:


Thank you you appreciate it, like i posted 3 times i have been promised these guys who have cause sooooooo much grief so many quit would be removed from the server and yet they still there causing problem and each day another tribe goes.

Finally some welcome news. I do think these changes will help us and a lot of people, so thank you for that.

I’m tired of wanting to go and have fun in the game and all I hear about (for more than two weeks now) is “saber did this today”, “can we use the Set City obelisk still or is it blocked?”, “this clan left because saber blocked them in” and even some of our own regular players, who previously were nothing but kind and helping each other, taking measures to block the saber clan are suddenly the trolls to a few newer (and regular) players that would rather complain than ask nicely if they can change or remove parts so they can use these areas. They know who I’m talking about. It’s ridiculous how two chumps can cause so much trouble and paranoia within.

I really do hope the changes are going to solve many of our problems, the question remains if saber has been dealt with or can be dealt with. Forgive me if I’m still hanging on to my skepticism, but thank you for addressing a few of our issues.

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with all due respect, we have shown they cheat, harassed players, now there is no way there stuff can decay it is abit frustrating knowing that this tribe gets away with anything they want to. Offered a dev to come in and look for themselves. I could easily posted how to do decay cheat so others can do it but 2 wrongs dont make a right. Again hope you understand why i am getting abit pissed. You say wait for decay well as you can see that will never happen. More people join more people leave . Things take time But something that can never make your buildings decay etc people will place bases on pvp and pve and block whoever and how many they want. Please check my suggestions about alliances. It is pretty messed up they are doing this to get people to pay them to remove etc.

Have you considered PvP? The problem is much easier to deal with on PvP servers. We had some nazis on 1811 and the whole server worked together to grind them into dust.

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Unfortunately PvE-C servers, even though they have some PvP, because buildings are protected there are players readily abusing construction to grief players and then logging off for the PvP window to avoid any possible player retaliation.

We have a “TorchBearer” player on server 1822 who has been griefing players by constructing massive walls around people’s bases with crenelated walls so as to trap entire groups of players into their buildings. The lack of Funcom administrative support around stopping these types of players is crippling the ability for people to even just play this game.

There’s no reason to stay playing a title the devs can’t support. That’s a serious problem.

Heres the thing, and if you don’t take my word for it look at world of warcraft forums, bathesda, eve etc.

Those companies listen to the player, yes people in this company may have made the game and spent years but you have people such as myself and landslide, astri etc people who spent 15-20 hours a day gaming. We come from other games and know what to look for . People see official we assume okay this means it will be moderated and racism etc won’t be allowed. You will always get trolls, you will always get tribes trying to be alpha (no clue why anyone wants to be alpha). For the time i spend grinding i could build a base that covers half the map but i play for fun).

What’s funny (not really) over 30 people have quit the game because of this tribe, so why is it 2 players are more important then everyone else.

In all the years gaming and i have seen some pretty bad trolls but i have never ever seen what i have sen in this game. Some players its about how can we exploit its a challenge for them, others its a challenge how many people can we make quit. The excuse is we have hundreds of servers nothing we can do no disrespect to funcom is a line of bs. You can easily remove there bases and items to discourage them from rebuilding, you can post on your website what is allowed what is not allowed. If it is about money and not caring then this is the way to go but look at past games that did not listen . Sure you can go to unofficial but in-time those people quit you lose loyal players something new comes along peop[le leave they don’t care if u add new dlc they just figure hey if the company doesn’t give a poop why give them 50.00 or even 10.

Conan is a great game, good storyline, graphics some good people and can be even more great . People have offered support to help fix issues time and time again and ignored. Like i said who would know more a company making the game or someone spending 20 hours a day grinding the game over and over.

Tascha has said they are looking into it, and i am giving her a shot because 3 times i have been lied to about this tribe being removed . Shouldn’t matter pve-pvp certain types of abuse should not be tolerated. It’s simple way they are going it is just a matter of time. People are already posting videos on utube how to exploit which i find wrong, but are doing it in hopes that funcom gets the message do something.

I want a game to spend years in and enjoy it so do others we are tired of one hit wonders and companies whose only focus is taking cash. If making cash is the only reason get out of gaming because thats not what gaming is all about example again eve, wow.

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fyi over 30 people have quit the game after spending huge amount of time and focus on there bases because of this tribe, for the likes of me trying to figure how a tribe who has broke every moral in the book, exploits etc are more important then those 30 that never cheated,.


i know how u feel we haveing the samething on the 1941 server some one them selfs literally hitler putting up swastikes and cross in front of ur base so u can expand ur base bigger. thay take them down for black ice stuff and thay did it to every1 on the server. i have send emails to funcom and nothing. alot of ppl has quit bc of it to as u can see funcom lets this happen and does nothing


Due to certain players who had family members who died during 911 and nothing being done we have figured a way not cheating not exploiting how to remove the signs . One of the players emailed me lastnight they were quitting cause of the signs they placed , so we tried a couple things and got them removed player quit and is going to congress about it. Need help with signs let me know its not cheating its not a exploit how to remove the signs. Being jewish I am very offended at that crap need help let me know add me to steam.

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to me it seems like it fall under the cyber bullying law

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We left the game over that issue as well. If funcom is not going to moderate then I guess we will go elsewhere.

Going to a private server, playing solo is not the option either. Like to play multiplayer.

Hopefully they will get that working so this kind of trash gets handled, but I doubt it.

I had spoken with a dev almost 9 months ago and he basically told me they will not do anything, didnt seem to care about the rampant neo-n a z i behavior, building swastikas, racial slang, etc.

Took pictures, videos, provided all that stuff to both steam and the dev I spoke with.

Nothing happens, nobody cares until they start losing money then they might fix it, but they wont, they will talk about it sure, maybe even tell you they are working on something, but it wont happen.

Even if it did change, it would not be a report feature just a mute of some kind probably. Funcom has no teeth, you really think a reputable game company would allow this stuff?

Its 2018, you telling me that a game company does not have the foresight to implement some kind of asshat control?

If that kind of stuff bothers you, dont hold your breath on a fix soon.

They had 9 months probably longer to get this under control.

I wager they dont moderate because they dont want to pay money to someone to take care of this stuff, imagine how many people they would need, 24/7 moderating? Or, programming a report feature which captures text or allows for screenshot to be sent in.

Its not like its a free game, people have to pay to get in.

Funcom will not do this, does that sound like a company that cares about its consumers/investors?

We are on our own, and yeah you can fight back, but be prepared to get a chatbang from those asshats, you might get help from other players.

On our server it was full all the time, not a single eff was given from any other players outside the offending clan.

It ruined gameplay needless to say, people would leave over it, whole clans would vacate but dont worry it would fill up again with a fresh batch of people…

Process would repeat, maybe a few would stay, do you want to play around about of idiots? Cause that is what will be left, they push people out of the game, what is left after that?

Not that many people care or maybe too young to understand how that affects people. They dont care if people leave the game, probably 100 more will invest into it and and maybe a small percentage will be posting something like this in the forums.

I havent seen the game for a while, we split a few months ago, but I imagine its only a matter of time people start even worse stuff that we have prob seen.

I have seen stuff from this game, spill over into real world over the dumbest s h i t. Guess what?
Did funcom or steam offer any kind of support? I mean this started in the game right? Nope, nothing, nada, poor guy was on his own…

Funcom could at least take the official out of the server name, since they dont do any kind of moderation no matter how offensive these people get. Put up a notice that it is not moderated, like on the box before people invest into this garbage.

Love the game but not going to invest anything into a company that allows that.


I understand where you are coming from trust me, in all years gaming and gamed alot seen things in this game that i have not seen in others. Posting signs about 911 and other night the tribe causing issues posted 3 signs saying Anders Behring number 1 Anders Behring is the best. I have no clue who that was but a friend got really upset and wanted to leave. As there is a way to get rid of signs, i spent next 8 hours removing the signs, return the tribe that did it placed more poop around my base. But signs came down it was after i did this i found out who he was.

Gaming is to be fun and exciting and yes on last nerve with conan because i made some good friends and some people i trust and yes i too have been lied too a couple times. Told this tribe would be banned, stuff removed(no dev did it i had to). But tired of watching good people go through hell, this is a fun game, exciting love the dlcs but manage,ment needs to get checked. Any player who gets off posting about people should die and things like 911 is a joke serious need help. People play to forget whats going on in real world and i am one of those being in a wheelchair this is my escape, i buried and took time to bury really bad thing and now has been brought to light cause nothing has been done. We know there are trolls and people who say stuff but then there is going overboard. friend who is in law -enforcement was speechless with what he saw but someone-thing better will come along . Many of us have offered our time to help, moderate etc we dont have to but we do cause we care, Ignoring empowers these type of people and also grows there group bigger cause they know if they get away with it then others will do same. Nip it in the bud. remove structures etc. Like i said gaming is suppose to be fun and exciting not be a breeding ground for hate. Hate you left wish you well add me to friends u seem like a great guy.

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