Server 1944 Hacker killing players server wide

From the current Raid Period, there was a Hacker that had traveled through walls to kill players.
Current situation is that every player on the server had been killed withing the first hour of raid time.

The Funcom ID number of the player is ,#22430

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Hey, check out the link below… You will have to post through DMs to the @Community in DMs.

Hope this helps!

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I’ll +1 this thread even though it needs to be reported through @Community.
Confirmed as we were hit from this person tonight too.


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I feel you. Problem is that the same guy/guys been doing this for months. So not really much to do.

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This may not be a hack. Are the players getting killed in a large or small base?

If you are logged off in a small base, you can be gased with poison or acid arrows and die. The AOE from poison and acid arrows is quite large and WILL kill you even if you are inside your base.

Will even happen in large bases if you log out too close to a wall.

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It is a hack.