Server 1986 buggers attack in time raid off

Game mode: |oficial server 1986 ]
Type of issue: bugg - cheat
Server type:pvp
Region: sudamerica

[Describe the bug here]

players attack in time off … i give a screen

from what I could see the explosive vases enter the banks of my clan … then they disconnect
collect the pumps they put them, they disconnect again and throw them and they affect the structure

Hello, please check that bug. They are ruining the game. That salvia say too he live making hacks for different games, and also tell he can raid off time. Please check it, ban or correct the error pls

We do apologize for the trouble but may be the same issue as this other report. See thread here.

if you look at the images, the vases were stolen from the banks of gunsmiths when I never had explosive vases inside … when I saw them putting vases in my benches and then turning on the pumps, they disconnected and re-turned …

it is not a problem of configuration is a glich that use when entering the vases in my banks and change the id to them, since the structures of the clans can be affected 24 hours if one is the owner of the same

Is an issue that must be corrected, I get raid in off time to, Also they manage to break my Bed and Save points, somehow, I am tired of waking up in the desert before raid time. That should not be possible.
Dont ask for much i just want a solution for this issue.
I Dont want to move server again, I made friends there.

I still waiting for a respond, I need you to fix this problem, asap, I mean is very disappointing all the bug of this game (Not to be rude or mean), But beside that is more disappointing the fact that isnt suppose to be raid when you must be safe, I try to have patience and also be a good player but this kind of thing must be ban, How could someone get rid of your stuff when the server says that you have to be secure.
I also have a screenshoot, of this person Saying that he is a Programmer and he use to hack in midnight the servers in offline status… because conan is easy to hack.
I can not upload this picture right now because i am new in this forum but as soon i get to lvl 1. I will post it

Firends of FunCom, in Official Server 1986 not only Salivha MollaIda told everybody that he’s a Hacker that Will attack logged off players during safe time, Also Derfel Cadarn tolds everybody the same. This post shows everybody the facts with no doubt. So this is not a cheap threat , is a sad reality. Please give us a definitive solution, otherwise you are spoling tons of hours farming, fighting and developing a competitve clan, beside the big doubt about the credibility of FunCom.


Dear friends, yesterday our clan suffers a new bug attackt at 05:47 AM. They broke structures and stole some slaves from us. Unforrtunatelly I can’t upload images with not only the Event’s Register but chat from ID STEAM Vinicius from By Pass clan assuming the robbery of T3 allchemists. We are getting tired complaining here with no solutions at all, maybe tomorrow night will be really too late to stop this. We hope you have a definetively solution for this.


this is Saliva … buger players all time check admin …

Do not cry minare, because you are one of the players that most uses bug and toxic of the conan … =D

show me … i have screen and video for bugs for players …

Minare você chora muito manito

vocês acusa o Saliva de glitch, sendo que seu clan também usa bug do jogo pra ter beneficios… tenho scren aqui de vocês usando bug vou procurar e postar aqui…

man publishes what you want that I am not afraid because I am an exemplary and educated player … something that you will never have and will have … other than the most important thing that I am given joining, losing and winning does not matter, only what is published here is that people cheat in a game BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT GOOD PLAYERS

Minare you use the same bugs, and a racist person, calling monkey players… you and toxic… Use sword Bug to enter the house of players!

No llores amigo ! jajajaja

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