Server "2019" suggestions

Hiya all! I am stoked about this new server idea, since it’s based on costumer feedback I’m looking forward to see what will happen.

So, I also have a few suggestions and if others wish to add anything, feel free to reply here!

  • Re-implement the old noob island, along with Alien Invasion. (Or replace the aliens with different mobs, if you don’t want to add the expansion)
  • Keep the arrival hall intact.
  • Reduce the subscription fee if the server won’t have expansions for a while.
  • Introduce a trial program (E.G: 15 days).
  • Or increase the level cap to 60 and make up to level 10 or 15 free to play.

EDIT: Thanks Imamizer for your suggestions!

If I think of more suggestions, I’ll edit or reply to my own topic.

Keep it nice and civil, people!

make it full of people so,
lower subs fee or
fire 15 days trial or
make discount for subs for limited time.

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I definitely agree with that.

I’ve edited your suggestions into my post.

Server is up and running :slight_smile: Maybe for the 2020 server :slight_smile:

Hi Andy, not sure where to leave my feedback , but as the new 2019 server is said to be “Based on a player feedback” - many, many of the currently players there, asked for bringing back the old PVP title system, would that be implemented at a certain point?
Currently, with the new system, it took over 11 years for a single person, to actually achieve the level 10 rank.
That’s not going to be possible for 1 year with limited population in the 2019’ server.


The best way funcom can make the game better is by figuring out a way they can let everyone play for free but still monetize some part of the game so they can still make money. Item shop is obvious, but poses problems for players who do not want explicit “pay to win” mechanics. The game was always best when server population was high with new players.

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