Server #2132 and most others Ping way to high

Server pings are way to hi and have been for over a month. I play on Xbox official #2132 PVE server and it was one of the lowest ping servers at around 30 -45 ping and now its staying over 100 n is usually so hi i cant even move in the game. its around 230-320 which is just crazy… how is this possible and why? please help fix this @Funcom as ive checked everything on my end…its not my network or my system…when ping is low…which has been rare here in the last 2 months…the game runs fine…no issues up to about 100 ping…after that it just gets worse and worse…I ask for the whole server to please get on top of this @Funcom or at east provide a statement towards the acknowledgement of the issue so we know your working on it or at least checking into it.Thanks for your help in advanced!

Funcom doesnt run the servers. You may need to file a claim with g-portal just as a heads up.

I appreciate it … and i am aware… but i know @funcom has some say in it, no one would build a online mmo and leave the servers to a entire different entity to control , would they? lol Cause if they did well then we can already see how thats a big issue now isn’t it? Someone should have their head checked if thats the case. But i think you might be saying the Xbox servers are rented probably from Gportal Correct ??? and not part of the Funcom servers for PC’s… cause i noticed the Xbox servers #'s are completely different. Cant find xbox servers on pc n visa versa, no pc servers on xbox official…which again is retarted being its supposed to be crossplay…hmmmm? what have they done?