Server 2505 failed to join requested game fix?

Server 2505 is giving this message and nothing I do makes it stop repeating it. I can load other servers fine. I’ve restarted everything as suggested but no help. I haven’t tried uninstall/reinstall but don’t wanna wait for all that esp if it won’t help.

Please advise, thanks!

If you’re able to connect to other servers, then the issue is with the server itself, its probably crashed and waiting for a rollback to a state where it can come up without crashing.

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Any idea how long that can take? Min max?

Depends on the response time of the server’s admin. And if they know the server crashed. Funcom uses a provider much like private servers do. And they don’t exactly have an alarm that goes off when a crash happens. So a report to them would be a good place to start.

Though this is like the 2nd or 3rd thread I’ve seen on this today alone. I’m wondering if there’s not something up with the provider themselves.


It’s definitely something on their end. Sometimes when I get that message it’s a quick full system reset and it’ll fix itself, but this isn’t that.

The fact that it has been down all friggin’ day is just the bees knees.

( This is how to report its down. 2505 has been down like this often! About a day every month it goes down.


Thanks so much for the help, I got a ticket turned in

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