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On the server mentioned in the topic my clan have been in a 2 week war with a clan who has been exploiting game features and possibly ( very likely) crashing the server multiple times as soon as we penetrate their bases primary defenses. My clan mates have tried handling this by submitting evidence directly to Hugo but there seems to be no effort in resolving this problem. My clan has done our best to maintain a clean record as we don’t want to find ourselves on the wrong side of a ban hammer. The clan in question is essentially 1 group of people who have around 15 people so are split into 2. Even with only around 8-9 of us against 10 or more opponents we win almost every engagement , so we are not trying to complain as long as everything else is on the up and up but they start resorting to exploits to combat us which ultimately doesn’t get them very far if only to hinder our progress.
I am writing this at work and don’t have much available time currently but here are a few things that the clan(s) are doing:

Ordering thralls to attack outside of raiding hours

Abusing pork buff on thralls to buff damage to absurd amounts, 1-2 shorting our thralls.

Ddosing server (very likely) at very convenient times, only happens durring raid hours and only when we have reached this insides of their base.

Excessive land claim. Very laggy server and they have even closed off access points to important locations.

Grieving, toxic behaviour.

We have reached out to you funcom and we find it frustrating that this is allowed to go on when we are trying to play fair. My clan mates and I are ready to RE submit any evidence you may require although it is redundant. Please do something about this, we enjoy you’re game very much but these are serious issues along with many others that are killing a great game with so much potential.

Thanks for you’re time.
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Thank you for you’re quick response. I believe my clan mates have already sent all of the evidence to you personally. I will get with them later and have them do so again.

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